Where Are Most Carpets Manufactured

Where Are Most Carpets Manufactured

Despite the advancements in technology and innovation that have taken place through the years, handmade carpets are still made the same way they were ago. The advancement of technology has brought in many new weaving and carpet styles, yet conventional carpet-making continues.

Carpet manufacturing has also expanded by bringing in new styling aspects. Carpet manufacturers ensure quality in their products. Weaving carpets is a tradition that will survive and continue for many generations to come. Many still prefer to purchase carpets from carpet manufacturing since makers guarantee authenticity.

Carpet manufacturing and production

Carpets Manufacturer

Demand for the carpet rose worldwide, and many countries started manufacturing and production. The increase in production led to an increase in the quality of the designs, materials, and techniques.

The growth of the carpet manufacturing industry has led to certain carpets being produced with hands wherein their quality cannot be compared. Today, handmade carpets have a reputation and are known for their quality and timelessness.

Carpets Manufacturer from around the world


Carpet manufacturing is one of the oldest of the traditional arts of Turkey, and for a long time, it has produced many carpets for the world. Both men and women take on the responsibility of women to weave the carpets, and through the years, their abilities and craft have improved. To date, this country is known for its unique craft and designs. With time, a massive demand for Turkish rugs exists, resulting in production growth.


The ancient Persian name for Iran boasts of being the most advanced culture in the field of carpet production and manufacturing. The technique of weaving, dyeing, and weaving is passed down through generations with carpets of various kinds and sizes manufactured in the country. The majority of the carpet population is often done in ‘senneh’ knots.

 Carpet weaving and production in Iran are able to boast a timeline of at least two hundred years. The art of rug-making and its techniques has been passed down the years to future generations.


Carpet manufacturing in India was booming during the period of its independence. The industry was established before the independence of India with the aid of Persian and Turkish weavers who came to India. However, production eventually ceased due to several reasons. With a huge amount of carpet manufacturing, the industry in this country is known for its unique designs, patterns, and craftsmanship.

Carpet manufacturing has significantly increased, and many parts in India are known for their traditional weaving and design techniques.

The U.S.A

It is also the case that the U.S. carpet industry also is a good example of a country that produces carpets. In fact, it’s probably helpful to view this U.S. carpet industry as two distinct sectors with distinct trajectories. The first American carpet industry, as with other textiles, was a product that was a result of borrowing technology and expertise that had to fight for its existence to compete with imports. The second revolution occurred in the American carpet industry which developed from its making in other countries but manufacturing in the same country and vice versa.

Carpet manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler: Mat The Basics

Carpet manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler

As a carpet manufacturer, Mat the Basics houses an exclusive selection of carpets in various shades and styles. If you are trying to revamp your home’s decor, look at all our products, which are made with quality and exquisite craftsmanship. You can browse the selection, and we assure you there is something for all.

Quality assurance in carpet manufacturing: Mat the Basics

Quality assurance in carpet manufacturing

Mat the Basics as carpet manufacturers undergo extensive quality control. We examine every aspect of carpets in terms of quality before selling them.

We inspect each carpet again after it has been made, washed, and dried. Any minor changes that are evident are considered before their transportation. We manufacture carpets that are in good condition and show no signs of wear.

Many measures and inspections are done before we manufacture our carpets for you. This is done to ensure that you can be satisfied as a buyer.

The future of the carpet industry

The future of the carpet industry

Carpets are gorgeous decorations for all commercial and residential uses, and people are increasingly embracing the art of carpets. Studies show that in the coming years, the carpet industry will increase dramatically, and production and exports will increase steadily and dramatically.

The final words

Our carpet manufacturing is known as we only serve quality products. With our manufactured carpets, you can be assured that it will only provide an ideal way into an interior for a stunning and functional ambiance through unique designs, colors, weaves, and materials. By choosing the right carpet, a room’s atmosphere will be enhanced.

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