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Scandinavian Area Rugs

Interior decorators' preferences are increasingly shifting towards Nordic styles. Nordic Scandinavian rugs are among the most beautiful types of rugs available.

Our internal designers have aligned with the Scandinavian style to create pieces that have been interior choices for years. These Scandinavian rugs would fit any Nordic-theme interior to create an aspired look and experience.

To offer choices, most pieces of our Scandinavian rugs measure differently and are available in various colors that resemble Scandinavian style.

 Scandinavian rugs room style

Flatwoven Scandinavian area rugs are an excellent choice for your living room or kitchen. They are lightweight, durable, easy to handle, and are perfect for layering. A stylish Scandinavian rug can be used as a decorative piece in any room that one aspires to display Scandinavian style.

Our Scandinavian style rugs inhibit distinctive features: They have subtle Moroccan influence, feature a minimalistic design, intricate weaving, have simple geometric patterns, and are inspired by erstwhile traditions of Nordic nations.

Subtle Moroccan Influence

Our Scandinavian area rugs result from a skillful weave that brings subtle essence to the decoration. While many of them draw inspiration from Moroccan style, they are fine-tuned for sophistication.

Minimalist design and weave

Most pieces are woven with fine-quality wool—their design coordinates with Scandinavian style and other interior styles. The linear patterns in these rugs are subtle enough not to overwhelm other visual elements.

In addition to this, you'll find Scandinavian motifs that match your existing furniture. It's easy to fit a Scandinavian rug with your decor.

Besides the minimal design, Scandinavian area rugs have intricate weaving to complement the designs. It, in turn, brings harmony to the architecture.

Simple geometric patterns

Scandinavian area rugs feature simple geometric patterns that look fascinating and help reduce chances of sensory overload design, among patterns that they feature include simple stripes, circular, chess, border, among others.


Interior décor trends of the 70s could be achieved by the retro-inspired Scandinavian rugs that resemble the Nordic chick charm. The traditional motifs are blended with contrasting colors, eclectic shapes, and features.

Shaggy Scandinavian Rugs

One can introduce an incomparable sense of texture with high-pile shag Scandinavian rugs that will instill a cozy, soothing aesthetic to an interior. Especially in solid colors, shaggy Scandinavian rugs look amazingly aesthetic and exceedingly relaxing.

The Nordic rug style is famous worldwide. These rugs have an excellent blend of modernity and traditional style. Often inspired by nature, they can be used anywhere in the house.

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