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Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Indoor-outdoor rugs are an excellent accent piece versatile and can be stylishly incorporated into any room in your home or outside. When looking for such a rug, it is recommended to consider the style, materials, durability, and dimensions. Mat the Basics manufactures indoor -outdoor rugs after considering the overall quality, durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and value.

People considered indoor-outdoor rugs only for outdoor purposes, but not anymore. With time, styling aspirations have changed and we too have understood this change. With time, we have introduced indoor-outdoor rugs that have many aspects and are different in their functionality and purposes. We possess a versatile collection of indoor-outdoor rugs for adding style to your home and outdoors. We understand the features that a rug in this category must stand up to, so we have curated indoor-outdoor rugs considering their durability and profound quality. Essentially all the homes are bounded by the tying up of certain elements. Sometimes, even with the correct accents, a room feels dull; this is where our rugs come in, which are made with an inclusive craft. Our indoor-outdoor rugs are designed with skilled craftsmanship and authentic designs, which you can style elegantly on a patio, a balcony, a pool deck, or in an indoor-outdoor seating area.

What are indoor-outdoor rugs made of?

Indoor-outdoor rugs are usually constructed from synthetic materials such as polyester and polypropylene. They are made of synthetic materials to ensure they don't become damp or moldy in the presence of rustic elements. Viscose and wool rugs can also be used as indoor/outdoor rugs depending upon the weave and the area; however, they are more suited in shaded areas. 

Functional Attributes

Every single piece of furnishing, when used as an element for indoor-outdoor, has to be carefully selected. Our indoor-outdoor rugs have unmatchable durability and are stain-resistant. They are UV-resistant, which is a feature that many of the rugs lack in this category. Keeping in mind the style factor, our indoor-outdoor area rugs serve both form and function. They are available in various colors and patterns, ranging from minimal to intricate. Our indoor-outdoor rugs have a flair for blending all the accents, be it for a room indoors or outdoors. We have made our indoor-outdoor rugs incorporate the softness of some fibers, and they can easily get away with minor wear compared to other rugs.

The Best Way To Choose

Since our rugs serve both purposes to be filled indoors and outdoors, our skilled weavers have made them so that they are resistant to the weather, spills, stains, and fadedness. You could explore some more aspects when you consider an indoor-outdoor rug.

  1. Placement: Indoor-outdoor rugs can be placed inside the room or outside the interior. Measuring the area while deciding on the area rug placement will add panache to the overall décor. You can either select the sizes that we offer and get your rug dream placed or you can utilize our bespoke services. Our bespoke service is where our genuine skilled team will help you achieve what you prefer irrespective of the size, color, and pattern. You can check out the Vista Blue, which has a tranquil design and is an attractive accessory for an indoor-outdoor space.
  1. Colors: It is an undisputed fact that all the area rugs come in various colors. Still, our indoor-outdoor rugs come in fashionable and scintillating colors, which are easily adaptable in any given space. We have hues that range from simple to bold and bright. This makes it easy for you to select when you want a tone in the medium or straightforward. You can also opt for layering with rugs; this will give you the comfort of both carpets and will add to the aesthetics of a décor.
  2. Pattern: Whether indoors or outdoors, a busy design serves to be a great addition to a room with high traffic. Our indoor-outdoor rugs have been made with materials that are confident with stains and wear and tear; it makes it an easy task for you to choose any patterns. Be it a patio, deck, or living room; our indoor-outdoor rugs come in stylish ways that you are bound to find one or two as per your taste.
  3. Resilience: Indoor-outdoor rug has durability similar to wool and requires less maintenance. It is naturally stain-resistant so it can be cleaned easily. This rug is ideal for a variety of spaces.
  4. Shapes: First, determine the size of the space and then choose the right shape for a rug. For indoor-outdoor spaces, we have a variety of rectangular and round area rugs that can be used in a fun way in various décor spaces.

With us, you can always find any category of an area rug. There's an indoor-outdoor rug for everyone, whether you are looking for something traditional, modern, or mid-century. We can help you with any questions or requests regarding alternative sizes.


  1. Where to find the most durable indoor-outdoor rugs?

The indoor-outdoor rugs by Mat the Basics are easily one of the most popular choices as they are comfortable, fashionable, and durable. The indoor and outdoor rugs are made with gorgeous designs that will draw your attention and come in various rectangular sizes to fit your needs. 

The indoor/outdoor rugs from Mat the Basics are sustainably made with adequate materials to ensure they are resistant to fading, dirt, and other substances. Easy to clean, these rugs last long when cared for and maintained properly.  

  1. Which weave is desirable in an indoor-outdoor space?

Loomed rugs, tufted rugs, knotted rugs, flat weave rugs, leather rugs and shaggy area rugs are some options in which a rug is weaved. For an indoor-outdoor space like a patio, a Flatweave area rug can be adjusted with style and comfort. Materials for the weave should also be considered as an indoor-outdoor space has exposures not just to moisture but also to UV rays.

  1. What rug style will suit for an indoor-outdoor rug?

FromScandinavian rugs, vintage rugs to contemporary rugs, Mat The Basics, houses indoor-outdoor rugs in variety. You can choose an indoor-outdoor rug style as per the styling of your area or your demands of the space.

  1. Which material can be used for an indoor-outdoor rug?

Area rugs can be made from either synthetic or human-made materials. When placed outdoors, some rugs can withstand more elements than others. Some are made of recycled plastic so that it can be washed as often as you need.

  1. What patterns can be used for indoor-outdoor rugs?

Indoor-Outdoor rugs can be experimented with and styled with all sorts of patterns. We house different patterns ranging from geometric rugs, and abstracts rugs, to patchwork rugs, border area rugs, medallion rugs, striped rugs, floral rugs, and chevron rugs. Mat the Basics has custom options that let you design and choose a pattern as per your aspirations. 

  1. What rug size can be placed in the indoor-outdoor space?

Mat the Basics has standard sizes for indoor-outdoor rugs which can be placed suitably after measuring. Sizes like: 4’x6’ rugs, 5’x8’ rugs, 6’x9’ rugs, 8’x10’ rugs, 9’x12’ rugs, square rugs, round rugs, and runner rugs can be placed to create a space of interest and comfort.

  1. Can tufted rugs be used as indoor/outdoor rugs?

Tufted rugs made with synthetic materials or a blend of wool and synthetic materials can be used as indoor/outdoor rugs. 

  1. Does indoor/outdoor rugs have to be in neutral colors only?

When it comes to opting for colors for indoor/outdoor rugs, one can choose from several colors. Mat the Basics has various colors for indoor/outdoor rugs ranging from white rugs, beige rugs, neutral rugs, yellow rugs, gold rugs, blue rugs, pink rugs, red rugs, green rugs, gray rugs, black rugs, and multi color rugs.

  1. Is customization available for indoor-outdoor rugs?

When you cannot get hold of an area rug as per your interest, choose Mat the Basics for your custom rug service, which has an exciting collection in all aspects. You get to select From beautiful flexible colors, weaves, style, or mix & match them with the help of custom rug services.

  1. How to care for and clean indoor-outdoor rugs?

It takes not long before indoor/outdoor rugs get filthy. It's a fact that foot traffic is a major factor in time, especially when you're wearing shoes in and around the areas. Indoor/outdoor rugs are not only subject to foot traffic but get acquainted with other microelements and tend to get damaged. Cleaning an indoor-outdoor rug includes vacuuming frequently, often, deep-cleaning now and then, spot cleaning. Another suggestion on how to clean an indoor-outdoor rug is to clean not only the top of the rug but also the bottom.

The objective here is to avoid the build-up of dirt and dust that could cause mold to develop and adhere to your rug.  

  1. Can I wash an indoor/outdoor rug?

Indoor-outdoor rugs can be cleaned using a hose on both sides. Apply mild soap to a more stained rug. It is recommended to wash your indoor/outdoor rug over a sloped surface. This way, the water can be drained away. Professional cleaning is highly recommended for the longevity of the rugs.

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