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Luxury Area Rugs

We own the luxury rugs that you need to reflect your fortune. Essentially, every luxury home is a result of the untiring effort of interior stylists. And when it comes to lending the same luxury feel to the floor, the preferences of interior stylists are always a designer rug, made specifically based on their brainstorming. The authenticity of designs and our inclusive crafting of luxury area rug happen to fulfil the desires of luxury homeowners.

Hair On Hide

Material has been an important aspect among materialistic enthusiasts. Certainly, leather has been one of the most appreciated materials. Similarly, our cowhide made luxury area rug were celebrated when they made an advent in the rug sphere. It was due to the obvious luxury that they bring to the floor. Hair on hide with minimum alteration ensure purity and essential sophistication.

Mirroring Properties Of The Fabrics

Whilst leather rugs received ample appreciation, we did not restrict our endeavor. Other preferred choices for luxury stands delicate fibres like silk and viscose. We employ them as and when required, and in the proportion that one’s demand for delicacy in a luxury rug comes up. Wool is another material that bears all-around attributes. Besides being fairly premium, they aptly mirror their properties to stand to everyone’s expectations of essential functionalities. Hence, for years it has maintained its place among luxury rug selections. Additionally, when complemented by viscose, they bring the charm and twist that shine and speak in luxurious tone.

Functional & Decorative

It is an unsaid rule that a luxury area rug must retain its feel and deliver functionality. To do so, they must be functional besides being decorative. When we count those functionality requirements, the first few things that we encounter are- they must prevent a skid, must be fairly durable, and at the same time bring sophistication. However, one must remember that howsoever durable, luxury area rugs cannot be durable enough to occupy high traffic areas that are intensely crowded.

Blending Aesthetics In The Right Proportion

Materials used in the making of our luxury style rugs are carefully calculated for proportions to give the desired outcome that you may wish. We know how much of a particular material can form aspired delicacy or durability. Accordingly, we mix them in proportions that that could bring aesthetics and functionality appropriately.  Additionally, we know what sophistication mean aesthetics. We tend to balance our luxury rugs design, color, pattern and all other aesthetic ingredients to ensure they offer feel good aesthetics in a minimalistic setting.


Delicate materials and easy weaving with the least dilution are the obvious ways to create authentic luxury area rug. We always lean on making our luxury area rugs compliant to such considerations. On that note, we’re glad to unfold that we happily accept your instructions, the x, y, z of material options, weaving, design and other aspects that could help us arrive at the final aesthetics you must be longing for. We have extended to offer customization that lets you decide and define your meaning of luxury. We offer to hear out your design aspiration, colors that excite you, weaving that fascinates you and any other characteristics you wished your luxury rug must bear.

Luxury Rugs For A Luxurious Home

One of the most celebrated and appreciated elements in today's home décor is a luxury rug, enough to bring in a rich and artistic feel to the dullest spaces. Luxury style rugs are epitomise quality and gives the buyers an heirloom that does not lose its sheen. Luxury carpets are often handcrafted, hand spun, and composed of high-quality materials. Natural fabrics such as New Zealand and Argentinian wool, Angora Mohair and Himalayan Cashmere, Indian Silk and Chinese Silk spun from silkworm cocoons are used to make these rugs. High-end luxury area rugs have hand-carved designs that create a work of art on the floor that frames and changes a space.

The Best Way To Choose A Luxury Rug

If you are just out to get a rug, you will come to know that there are umpteen styles, piles, materials. This guide will help you glide through the process by helping you understand the elements that you need to consider before making the purchase.

Rug Sizes: Start by getting an accurate size by measuring the area that needs a rug. Interior decorators suggest getting a rug that will keep a scope for exposed flooring. You can plan some space, preferably for a walk away, around the edges of your rug. You can take help from size guidelines to help you choose the dimensions of the rug.

Kitchen And Dining Room: For a rug meant for kitchen or the dining area, measure the perimeter of your table and add around 150 centimetres to the width and length. This measurement will ensure that the rug will be proportionate to your table and will also have some extra space to accommodate the chairs on the rug when pulled out.

Bedroom Rugs: For a rug meant for master bedroom, add at least 60cm to every side that does not touch the wall. This deduction is to make sure that the rug sits past your bed frame. Proper placement will make sure that your feet sure hit the rug when you climb out of your bed in the morning.

Rugs For Living Room: Measure your entire space and subtract 60 cm from the width and length to get a rug looking like a masterpiece. If you wish to get a large rug, it will be your choice to keep the furniture half seated on the rug or entirely on it. If your luxury rug has a motif, make sure it shows to make the design look prominent.

Hallway Runners: Measure your hallway and subtract 60 cm from the length and 30 cms from the width. This calculation will give you a neat fitting and a perfect size rug.

Decorate Your Living Room With Luxury Rugs

Your rug will make an impact in your living room only if you are armoured with correct facts and you know what to pick. If you are planning a luxury rug purchase, you have some things to consider. You would want to know more about the material to pick the best.

Wool Rugs: Wool rugs are one of the most durable rugs and are, in most cases, a work of art. The natural beauty and resilience make this one of the most chosen and preferred rug materials. The material is insulating and has this springiness, making it look fresh for years to come.

Silk Rugs: Silk Rugs are a treat to the eyes. The tales of their visual benefits have set the bar so high. You will find oriental and Persian carpets in silk, with tensile strength so high that you can pass these as your family heirlooms. Silk  responds better to dying processes, and this is what gives silk rugs their mesmerizing colors.

Cowhide Rugs: Cowhide rugs are unique, which means no two pieces look the same. These rugs are soft and firm. The cowhide has hypoallergenic properties, which will come in handy for people who are prone to allergies. The rugs do not take much effort when it comes to maintenance.

Hand-Knotted Rugs Should Be Your Preference: Hand-knotting technique is used for most oriental rugs, which involve knots of wool or silk, a cotton warp, and a cotton weft. High thread counts in hand-knotted rugs signify the luxuriousness of the rug and are a sign of excellence. Delicate hand-knotted rugs can take months and, in some cases, years to create.

Luxury Area Rugs For Dining Room: Dining areas are tricky. The place where you eat usually brings in the risk of spills. That should not stop you from dressing this place up nicely. While we have established that rugs belong to the dining areas, the only thing to discuss is the style, color, pattern, shape, and material.

Choose A Size

Although the size of your dinner table influences the rug size, the chairs also play a significant role.

  • To avoid tripping, choose a rug that extends to at least two feet beyond the chairs when they're pushed in.
  • We understand that getting a rug this huge for your dining room isn't always practical, whether owing to expense or space limits. So go as big as you can, and keep in mind that if you go smaller, your chairs may catch on the rug as you stand up and sit down.

Choose A Shape

In general, similar shapes should be paired together. Rectangular rugs go well with rectangular dining tables. Square and round tables go well with square and round carpets, but rectangular rugs are also seen with the square tables. However, if something feels right, go with your instincts! There are countless ways to decorate your space, and because it's your house, you know what feels right. We suggest going for it if it means experimenting with an unusual rug and dining table combination.

Choose Material

  • Choose a low pile. High-pile rugs, such as shags, usually catch crumbs and are therefore more challenging to clean.
  • Consider a flatweave or lower pile rug with a pile height of 1/2″ or less for your dining room. This will also make it easier for chairs to glide across.
  • Choose materials that are easy to clean, such as wool and synthetics, or even an outdoor rug. Wool and synthetic materials like polypropylene are your best bet when it comes to durability, ease of cleaning, and softness.
  • If you're concerned about spills and stains, consider outdoor rugs.

Luxury Carpet And Rugs For Living Room

Luxury style rugs can help your space in more than one way. Yes! They are beautiful, and they will transform the space. But when it comes to the living room, you are in for a treat with a luxury rug. You need to know how to choose the appropriate size and design to make it all work.

Dress The Wall

You can use the rugs to deck the walls.. A rug on the wall is a great way to add visual interest to the walls. You can get a precious rug, hang it on the wall, and save it from the routine wear and tear.


if you can only manage a tiny patterned and colored rug, layer it over a wider neutral mat in a modern tone. Mixing patterns with plains and flat weaves with stubby textures can give your space an exciting look.

Maintain A Contrast

It's best to keep your carpeting neutral if you're going to use wildly patterned wallpaper or furnishings. This contrast will prevent overpopulation and keep the place from feeling chaotic. Also, if you choose a busy-patterned rug, make your furniture and walls as simple as possible.


  • Rugs and carpets don't have to be limited to your living rooms. They may be used in any room of your home, from the bedroom to the bathroom and even the corridors.
  • Rugs or carpets placed under furniture might cause damage, so do your study on the fabric and its capacity to handle the pressure before purchasing one.


  • Smaller carpets should always be placed between the furniture as the room's focal point.
  • Furniture can be put on top of a larger rug to create a seamless transition from one side of the room to the other.
  • To create a rich look, you can add runners on either side of the bed or in the corridors.

A New Style Of Luxury Designer Rugs

Luxury designer rugs seem to express creativity in the most imaginative, innovative, and bold styles. The floor is now the fifth wall and can introduce colors and patterns into the home. Designer rugs are helping us style the bottom of the room up, and it is no wonder that the floor becomes the highlight of the house, owing to these fantastic rugs.


  • What rug sizes are available for luxury rugs?

When designing a room, it is important to choose the right size rug. A contemporary rug can add warmth to a space, pull together furniture pieces, and make it appear larger if it is measured and picked correctly. Contemporary rugs can also be used to separate areas in open-concept spaces or multipurpose spaces. From small rugs, round rugs, runner rugs, and square rugs to sizes like 4’x6’ rugs, 5’x8’ rugs, 6’x9’ rugs, 8’x10’ rugs, and 9’x12’ rugs we offer our luxury rug for your suitable space.

  • What rug styles are available other than luxury rugs?

contemporary rugs style, cowhide rugs style, shaggy rugs style, traditional rugs style, vintage rugs style, texture rugs style, Scandinavian rugs style, mid-century rugs style, and farmhouse rugs style are some of the rug styles that are more available than the luxury rug style. Styling a rug as per your aspirations will bring all elements of the room together.

  • Which colors are available for luxury rugs?

White rugs, beige rugs, neutral rugs, yellow rugs, gold rugs, blue rugs, pink rugs, red rugs, green rugs, gray rugs, black rugs, and multi color rugs are the standard colors that our luxury carpet and rugs are made in. You can choose from this stunning range or opt for custom rugs when you desire something exceptional. Luxury style rugs in neutral colors soothe the ambiance of a room and add to the elegance of the space.

  • In what types of rooms can luxury rugs be placed?

Luxury rugs are eminent pieces of work. When placed in living rooms or bedrooms they have a gracious atmosphere. Even in the dull spaces of an enormous living or bedroom having a luxury area rug will only enhance the décor

  • Which weaving techniques can be used for making luxury rugs?

Flat-weave rugs technique, knotted rugs technique, leather rugs technique, shaggy rugs technique, loom knotted rugs technique, and tufted rugs technique, are some of the stunning techniques we craft for our luxury area rugs. These weaving techniques when imparted in a rug result in a fascinating interior that seems sumptuous.

  • What materials can be used in making luxury rugs?

Wool rugs, polyester rugs, viscose rugs, bamboo rugs, hemp rugs, leather rugs, and linen rugs are used by expert artisans to weave rugs. We are aware of the limits of how much a material can produce a desired delicacy or endurance. We mix them in a way that brings aesthetics and functionality together. We also know what sophistication means aesthetically. To ensure that luxury style rugs offer a minimalistic aesthetic, we balance their design, color, and pattern.

  • Is customization possible with luxury rugs?

Our luxury area rugs are made to be compliant with such considerations. We are happy to accept your design, material choices, and weaving instructions. We now offer customization so that you can define luxury.

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