Elevating Style Responsibly Through Product Sustainability
We are turning up sustainability

We are turning up to SUSTAINABILITY

Sustainability was not a choice but the only option
The world has eventually risen to realize how essential it is to protect the environment and its natural resources while still meeting the needs of the lives on the planet.

How are we contributing to sustainability?

Besides the environment, two more areas, economic & social, make the three pillars of sustainability. We emphasize improving
the prevailing culture and thinking beyond just acting in an environment-conscious manner.

Environment: Sustainable

So far, the manufacturing units have been the prime reason for being opposed to the sustainability criteria and conducted processes that stood detrimental to the environment. We are observing changes wherein we are adopting.

Economic: Fair pay

For years, weavers have been the pillars of the rug and carpet industry to ensure that designer’s ideas are met during the manufacturing phase. What they expect in return are fair pay and compensation benefits.

We have realized the fair pay concerns the weavers have faced so far. We strictly align ourselves with the prevailing labor laws to keep away unfair wage practices.

Economic Fair Pay
Social equity over equality

Social: equity over equality

It has been quite some time, and we have to a good extent, established equality. However, we are yet to bring equity among the social class that varies in their need. Hence, we are required to think in a way that can benefit various social classes inclusively as per their needs. The same is being undertaken. We observed that more of these people are divided into social classes, and equality has not solved the problem entirely. One such example would be to cater to the weavers’ literacy concerning their knowledge about various things. Training sessions and workshops are conducted to bring them on the same page.

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