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2′ x 3′ Rugs

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2'x3′ Rugs

Styling with 2×3 small rugs can be deceptive. However, if planned well, one can use them to decorate areas of a home in a discrete fashion.

Due to their small sizes, they can be appropriate as decorative pieces.

Benefits to count on 2'x3′ rugs include –

They can add a pop of color or pattern to a room without taking up too much space. 2×3 rugs are a popular size for this purpose, as they are small enough to fit easily into most spaces but still provide a decent amount of coverage.

Also, this size is perfect for spaces where you want something a little more than just a bare floor but don't want a large rug that takes up too much room.

No matter what style of 2×3 small rug you choose, it will add personality and character to your space.

Space-by-space guide

2×3 rugs can be best suited for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and entryways. 2×3 rugs are perfect for placement in high-traffic areas such as entryways, hallways, and beside furniture.

Here, we have elaborated on places in a home that could be best suited for 2×3 rugs:

2'x3′ rugs in the bedroom

One can use a 2×3 rug as an anchor for a bedding ensemble in the bedroom. 2×3 rugs in the bedroom can add a touch of luxury. One can opt for a 2×3 rug with a metallic finish or a print pattern for a glam look. Choose a solid-colored 2×3 rug in light tones such as beige, cream, or white for a subtler style.

2'x3′ rugs in kitchen

In the kitchen, one can use a brightly-colored 2×3 rug to inject some life into a space that may be feeling a little too neutral. Red, orange, yellow, and green rugs are perfect for the kitchen and will help to set the tone for culinary creations.

For a subtler look, one can choose a 2×3 rug in shades of blue or grey. These colors will help create a relaxing and calming environment while you cook.

2'x3′rugs in the bathroom

In the bathroom, one can use a 2×3 rug to add personality and style and provide some extra warmth. Choose a fun patterned rug for a playful vibe, or go with a solid color for a more timeless look.

If a bathroom has a tile floor, using a 2×3 rug with a non-slip backing can help prevent slips and falls.

2'x3′ rugs in the hallway

One can use a 2×3 rug in the hallway to create an inviting entranceway. One can use a brightly-colored rug as a focal point, a darker tone to hide dirt, or choose a neutral rug to match the floor.

A 2×3 rug in the hallway can be of great help to keep floors clean by trapping dirt and moisture before it enters your home.

2'x3′ rugs in the entryway

A 2×3 rug is a great way to make an excellent first impression in the entryway. One can choose a stylish rug with a design reflecting a style or theme. A 2×3 rug in the entryway can also help to keep floors clean by trapping dirt and moisture before it enters your home.

There are a variety of options when it comes to 2×3 small rugs. You can find traditional rugs or go for something more modern with a geometric pattern. Whichever style you choose, you will find a piece on Mat The Basics that complements your décor.

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