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Vintage Area Rugs

The term “Vintage” alone would mean, of a period 20 years or more back in time. Well, the rugs in this category appositely mimic the designs of an older era. Made of new fibres, rug are purposely faded and made to reflect designs and prints that marked the time-period decades back. Essentially, houses made to hold aesthetics that reflect vintage tone must cover floors with Vintage area rugs that are a result of the untiring effort of weavers who are the true artists in bringing the appearances to life that designers might have desired. Also, when it comes to lending erstwhile texture to the floor, the preferences of interior stylists are always the vintage area rug collection, made to maximize comfort while keeping the aesthetics.

The Joy Of Erstwhile Textures

Textures on the vintage area rug and blended designs differentiate rugs. Vintage area rug have been one of the most appreciated styles for people who are fond of imitating decades-old touch to their floor architecture. It is the lone attribute of being older designs that makes it the most celebrated entity in homes.

Mirroring Properties Of The Fabrics

Vintage on “Mat The Basics” are available in a premium wool fabric that does justice to the vintage style. Besides, we employ other materials as and when required. And in the proportion that one’s demand for texture and comfort is best met. While wool bears all-around attributes, other materials may be chosen for durability, easy cleaning and maintenance among other requirements. For vintage rugs maintained their place among preferred rug choices.

Functional & Decorative

Certainly, area rug must bear aesthetic value and deliver functionality. To do so, they must be functional besides being decorative. When we count those functionality requirements, the first few things that we encounter are- they must prevent a skid, must be fairly durable, and at the same time bring sophistication. Diverse material usage enables them of all such expectations. Generally made of premium wool, rugs happen to constitute all such attributes besides being an off-beat choice.

Unaltered Aesthetics Of Our Vintage Rugs

We strive to maintain how vintage designs are perceived originally. Materials used in the making are carefully chosen for quality. And untouched aesthetic designs are mapped to give the vintage style rugs desired outcome. We tend to mix all the aspects in the right proportions that could bring aesthetics and functionality appropriately.  Additionally, we know what sophistication mean aesthetically. We tend to balance our vintage rugs for design, color, pattern and all other aesthetic ingredients to ensure they offer feel-good aesthetics.


Premium materials and easy weaving with the least dilution in the visual aspects are the obvious ways to create authentic rugs. When making vintage area rug, care is taken that the erstwhile textures stand uncompromised, the feature that has been the unique selling proposition of rugs in this category. Also, we’re glad to unfold that we happily accept your instructions, the x, y, z of material options, weaving, design and other aspects that could help us arrive at the final aesthetics you must be longing for.

We have extended to offer customization that lets you decide and eventually define your meaning of a vintage carpets. We offer to hear out your design aspiration, colors that excite you, weaving that fascinates you and any other characteristics you wished your vintage rug contained.

Vintage Carpet- The Ultimate Winner

With intense tones, unparalleled quality, and equally incredible stories, antique carpets take over the current limitations of contemporary. The old is new again. Vintage area rug are gorgeous, trendy, sustainable, handcrafted, and reasonably priced!  Also known as ‘distresses rugs’, vintage style rugs are a style that has crossed over into fashion and home décor. People want their rugs to seem 'lived on'. This new aesthetic honors fabrics that have faded, worn, and softened with time, as well as carpets that burrow into homes as if they've always been there. Vintage carpets or overdyed rugs have become so popular — they not only give an aged carpet a new lease on life, but they also add a lively splash of colour to our lives while still exuding the timeless class of an original handcrafted work of art.

The Ins And Outs Of Vintage Rugs

If you are just out to know more about vintage area rug because you want to purchase a vintage rug, this is your guide. Your first step is to acknowledge the style that you want. Then comes the size. The size of rugs varies from style to style. The price is, however directly proportional to the size. More the significance of the rug, more prominent will be the price tag. You must find the right size, and that will be your start to help you elevate the space.

Below are some significant rugs across the world:


Oushak is a thin carpet available in subtle pastel colors. This carpet has a plush feel and is often available with a center medallion and a patterned border. These rugs are woven coarsely, and that gives them a coveted worn look. Oushaks look like a good choice in modern homes, owing to the vibrance and texture they bring to the place.


Carpets which are rolled out displaying a single color with a hint of faint pattern are overdyed rugs. When these rugs are dyed, they get a washed-out soft depth. Most of the oriental-style rugs in vintage are overdyed. Overdyed is considered outdated, but in technical rug speak, rugs from the middle east, Iran, central Asia, and Turkey are still referred to as oriental.


Home to the Taj Mahal, Agra is also known to produce some of the best vintage carpet. The weavers in this city have made some fantastic contributions to the rug industry and hence the name ‘Agra’. The extraordinary vegetable dyeing skills have seen impressive utility right here. Agra produces vintage carpets that are light and airy.


When the designers thought of an amalgamation between oriental rug making and Swedish motifs, Swedish rugs came into existence. Swedish rugs became an instant must-have when some of the most renowned designers made this style their muse and experimented with various patterns and muted palettes.


One of the most popular types of rugs, Moroccan rugs, are designer darlings. The base of this rug is usually created out of white or black sheep's wool, and the pattern plus color is determined as per the origin. Moroccan rugs are super soft and often shaggy, making them a perfect choice for any home, particularly bedrooms.

Kilim Or Persian

Much like the Oushaks, Kilims are the popular flat-woven Turkish rugs. These rugs are comparatively thin and come in geometric patterns mostly. This rug has a million varieties. These rugs were initially very common in the countries of the Ottoman Empire. These rugs were everywhere- from tent hangings, floors to storage sacks.

What Can A Vintage Area Rug Do For You?

An antique Vintage rug can bring any room to life. They're generally colorful and patterned, and they can be your statement piece. Vintage style rugs can also be neutral and compliment a wide range of aesthetics, including the most minimalistic. A magnificent antique rug would be a welcome addition to any home but finding one can be difficult. You must know which ones are well-made or what to look for.

Inimitable Colors

The antique Vintage carpets were typically hand-woven in Persia, Anatolia, and other parts of the Middle East, where classic designs continue to inspire new imitators. They're fashioned of naturally dyed wool from sheep, and the colors will outlast today's synthetically colored wool. Natural-dyed carpets have the added benefit of having richer colors. People are typically surprised by the richness and depth of color found in historical carpets and the nuances and hues of natural dyes, which are significantly more subtle than synthetic dyes.

Warmth And Suppleness

The higher the grade of the wool in a carpet, the softer the texture and the more lustrous it is. Many modern carpets are made of low-quality wool that quickly sheds and wears. Kashan carpets, especially those credited to master weavers' workshops, were known for their exceptionally soft Kurk wool — sheared from the animal's underbelly— with a far greater lanolin content.


If you're lucky enough to have a large room, finding a modern carpet that's the right size can be expensive. Large vintage carpets are frequently a more cost-effective option.

Vintage Area Rugs 8 X 10

An 8×10 vintage rug can make your home's décor more pleasant, intriguing, and memorable. These rugs can be used in any setting because of their traditional, gorgeous designs. You're introducing classic motifs and hues to the background of your home when you add an 8×10 vintage rug to its décor. Vintage-style carpets frequently have faded oriental or geometric designs as well as tasteful patterns, which is why they're popular in houses all around the world.

A vintage 8×10 can help you highlight your casual kitchen into one of the classiest spaces. 8×10 is one of the most popular options since this size can fit a lot of settings, including a living room, bedroom, or even in the dining area. Add one to the bedroom and transform it into a chic bedroom with intricate patterns and attractive colors.

Vintage Area Rugs 9 X 12

In any room, a sizeable 9×12 area rug can make a grand statement. A 9×12 size rug can frame a king or queen size bed, ground a seating area, or provide elegance to a dining room. This size is popular, so you might be able to find a good number of options.

A 9×12 rug can fit nicely under a dining table with 6-8 chairs. Put an antique 9×12 in the living room and add style to the entire space. If you have a small or a medium-sized room, a 9 x 12 rug will be able to accommodate all the furniture on it.

Adding A Vintage Runner Rug To Your Home

If you want to change the ordinary look of your hallway, there is no better way to spruce it up than layering it with a vintage runner rug. These vintage carpet will be a part of your floor for the years to come and walking over them will always be a plus.  Vintage runner rugs add style and class to the space. You will find the runners in a lot of colors, styles, sizes, and materials.

You can add a runner rug near the entrance, and you can change the first impression of whosoever walks through your door. A vintage distressed runner rug looks fantastic right by the sink. This setting will give you soft padding and will also add style to the kitchen.

Vintage Moroccan Rugs For Living Room

Vintage Moroccan rugs are popular among design fans because they are one-of-a-kind, statement-making objects that offer every space a unique flair. Their tones range from intensely brilliant to neutral, and they come in various patterns and free-form designs. These handcrafted works of art, which frequently have patterns representing fertility, survival, and the natural world, are far more complicated than your average rug.

Style A Vintage Moroccan In The Living Room

For a spectacular effect, try balancing a mix of large-scale and small-scale designs, assertive and neutral hues. Classic shapes in beautiful colors can make a design statement. It can be exciting to combine current abstract patterns with more classic designs. Everyone has a unique set of colors and patterns that they draw toward. Even if you don't know the final placement while buying, if you stick to the philosophy of buying whatever catches your eye and just what you love—not necessarily what you need at the time—practically, it's a guarantee that things will fall into place naturally given a little time.

Buying A Vintage Rug From Mat The Basics

Vintage style rugs are precious. There are so many good reasons to go for an authentic vintage rug. Understanding the goodness that a vintage rug has to offer, Mat the Basics is here with the most extensive range of rugs, with each rug telling a story on its own.  Our rugs are authentically sourced, and we nourish them to last for decades. Contact us today for the most exquisite Vintage rug collection.


  • What rug sizes are available for vintage rugs?

Vintage rugs can be used to separate areas in open-concept spaces or multipurpose spaces. From small rugs, round rugs, runner rugs, and square rugs to sizes like 4’x6’ rugs, 5’x8’ rugs, 6’x9’ rugs, 8’x10’ rugs, and 9’x12’ rugs we offer our vintage carpet & rugs for your suitable space. You can place your furniture in an open area if you don't want it to be positioned against walls. If this is the case, a large vintage rug will suffice. This creates a space that is clear.

  • What rug styles are available other than vintage rugs?

Contemporary rugs style, cowhide rugs style, luxury rugs style, shaggy rugs style, traditional rugs style, vintage rugs style, texture rugs style, Scandinavian rugs style, mid-century rugs style, and farmhouse rugs style are some of the rug styles that are more available than the vintage rug style. Styling a rug as per your aspirations will bring all elements of the room together.

  • Which colors are available for vintage rugs?

White rugs, beige rugs, neutral rugs, yellow rugs, gold rugs, blue rugs, pink rugs, red rugs, green rugs, gray rugs, black rugs, and multi color rugs are the standard colors that our contemporary rugs are made in. You can choose from this stunning range or opt for custom rugs when you desire something exceptional. Our vintage carpet and rugs come from subtle colors to dynamic colors that are woven in expert craftsmanship.

  • What patterns can be found in vintage-styled area rugs?

The patchwork pattern rugs is the most common pattern used for vintage area rugs.

  • In what types of rooms can vintage rugs be placed?

Vintage rugs have an air of past history that lends an ambiance to the old era. These rugs can enhance any type of room, explore living room rugs, dining room rugs, kitchen rugs, and kid’s room rugs to bedrooms rugs, and indoor-outdoor rugs.

  • Which weaving techniques can be used for making vintage rugs?

Our vintage carpet and rugs are special pieces as we hand-stitch them as per unique craftsmanship.  

  • What materials can be used in making vintage rugs?

Wool, polyester, viscose, bamboo, hemp rugs, leather, and linen rugs are used by expert artisans to weave vintage carpet and rugs.

  • Is customization possible with vintage rugs?

Mat the Basics offers custom rugs service for vintage carpet and rugs. Stunning weaves and colors are used for crafting vintage area rugs that are an embellishment of the time difference in the world.

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