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Best Abstract Area Rugs

Abstract rugs depict a theory. Designs on our rugs are the designer’s narration of themes and artistic points of view. Positioning of these abstract area rugs could be where one desires an added level of artful zest. The exceptional flair for art, ability to appreciate, and accept criticism enables us of crafting abstract area rugs that happen to fulfill the desires of homeowners who love art.

Abstract Rugs On Mat The Basics

Picking an abstract rug may vary based on the need for different fixtures, rooms, and other home architecture. Fortunately, we have them all covered. We know the prominence of every nook and corner of home architecture. Home architecture and rooms could be amplified for aesthetics when you plan on laying an abstract rug while also keeping in mind the other room interior. Hence, abstract area rugs on “Mat The Basics” is a collection of abstract paintings made inclusively to suit a specific position in a home.

Art Is Boundless, So Are The Abstract Rugs

We refrain from selling what we think is right. Instead, we take sheer joy in selling what you think is right. Moreover, possibilities in the art are limitless. So, we have our services extended and offer to paint your point of view. Undeniably, people do have desires for an art form. Some may have an affinity for one form slightly more than others. You may also aspire to have your painting engraved or be excited to pen down your imagination. We can help you bring your imagination to life using our expertise and experience in crafting from scratch.

Material & Weaving Adds To The Flair Of An Abstract Pattern Rugs

Quality of material and process that a weaving goes through matter. While preferred material choices are wool, cotton, viscose, and synthetic materials like polyester and polypropylene, they must complement the art. When creating each rug in the abstract category, we endeavor to match for material that does justice to the art and employ a weaving method that is best suited.

We also take care of secondary requirements like functionality. An Abstract rug must bear aesthetic value and deliver functionality. To do so, it must be functional besides being decorative. When we count those functionality requirements, the first few things that we encounter are- they must prevent a skid, must be durable, and at the same time bring sophistication. Diverse material usage enables them of all such expectations. While wool bears all-around attributes, synthetic materials make the rugs durable and easy to clean and maintain.


  • What patterns are available other than abstract area rugs?

From chevron rugs , and geometrics rugs, to patchwork rugs, traditional rugs, floral rugs, medallion rugs, and striped patterns rugs are available other than the abstract area rugs. You can choose from our stunning and captivating patterns that can be custom-made for your precious space.

  • What rug style can be implemented for abstract rug?

For abstract rug, styling can be imparted and chosen ranging from contemporary rugs style, cowhide rugs style, luxury rugs style, shaggy rugs style, traditional rugs style, vintage rugs style, texture rugs style, Scandinavian rugs style, mid-century rugs style, and farmhouse rugs style. For bland and decorated spaces an abstract area rug in any styling will only add more aesthetics. It helps put the right tone for the room.  

  • What colors are available in abstract pattern rug?

White rugs, beige rugs, neutral rugs, yellow rugs, gold rugs, blue rugs, pink rugs, red rugs, green rugs, gray rugs, black rugs, and multi color rugs are some of the standard color options that we incorporate for our abstract rugs. You can choose colors from this section or lay on a one-on-one tone area rug as per the existing color scheme of your interior. Our abstract area rugs are renowned for their artful mix of colors and patterns.

  • What rug sizes are available for abstract pattern rugs?

From small, round, runner, and square rugs to sizes like 4’x6’ rugs size, 6’x9’ rugs size, 5’x8’ rugs size, 8’x10’ rugs size and 9’x12’ rugs size are available for abstract pattern rugs. We ensure that the right rug suits your space without hampering your décor, which is why we house standard sizes as per your needs.

  • Which weaving technique can be used in making abstract pattern rugs?

Abstract rugs can be made using different techniques such as flat-weave rugs technique, knotted rugs technique, leather rugs technique, shaggy rugs technique, handloom rugs technique, and tufted rugs technique. These are some stunning techniques and styles in which we craft our rugs in. We ensure that apart from the aesthetics, an abstract area rug must also provide and fulfill expectations like its maintenance so that its longevity remains.

  • What materials can be used in making for an abstract rug?

Standard materials and the right weave decide the quality of the rug. Our abstract pattern rugs come in exceptional quality because we make use of quality yarns. They are properly spun, carded, and combed before being put to use. Abstract rugs can be made using of wool rugs material, polyester rugs material, viscose rugs material, bamboo rugs material, hemp rugs material, leather rugs material, and linen rugs material to achieve an unmatched quality.

  • Which rooms are suitable for placing abstract rugs?

Abstract area rugs elevate the décor and provide a gentle feel for the foot in the room. They add a liveliness effect when placed in different rooms. A living room can feel lively with an abstract area rug. A bedroom with abstract pattern rugs can act as a décor element for rejuvenation. Interesting abstract patterned available in kid’s rooms rugs, dining rooms rugs, and indoor-outdoor rugs spaces.

  • Is Customization possible with abstract rugs

The best choices in terms of flooring are hard to find. For you, we have a collection of abstract rugs that you can traverse through. In case, you wish to have an exquisite piece for your flooring in the abstract rug, contact us for custom rugs service and we will craft a rug that meets and fulfills your expectations.

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