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Bedroom Area Rugs

A bedroom area rug is a popular accessory to hard-surface floorings such as laminate, hardwood, or tile. It is also possible to lay on top of a wall-to-wall carpet. There are many reasons for the popularity of best bedroom rugs, but some might be unsure of the best way to cover their gorgeous flooring with a bedroom rug.

The most obvious reason for having the bedroom carpet would be the appearance and comfort. Bedroom rug with a pattern are a distinctive way of connecting an area's elements. They can, for instance, bring together different colors in the design. Also, the idea of settling with rugs goes beyond fashion.

Besides essential floor furnishing, bedroom area rugs complete the bedroom decoration and strengthen the room’s architecture. It will instantly add a cozy factor and bring in the necessary warmth and smoothness. It will be a comfort element in doing away with the tactile experience when your feet touch a hardwood floor or a concrete one. Also, best bedroom rugs will impart a touch of luxury living.


Mat the Basics is renowned for manufacturing a variety of high-end rugs. We also manufacture bedroom rug with top-quality yarns and weave that is utilized during the manufacturing process to preserve their texture and strength.

Our materials are mixed proportionally to ensure long-lasting durability. We make functional specifications of our best bedroom rugs for bedrooms. They must be resistant to the possibility of skidding, be robust, and also provide a sophisticated appearance. Bedroom carpets we weave undergo the minute processing of wool combing, carding, and spinning for unmatched quality.

How to place bedroom rugs?

Bedroom rugs help align the spaces; finding the right spot to put the rugs can be challenging. The proper placement of the rug can improve the coziness of the space and add a touch of interest to the room. Mat the Basics manufactures best bedroom rugs that are functional and stylish; it also comes in a variety of sizes. This helps you place your bedroom area rugs in any style you choose.

  • Under the bed

The most frequent place to place a bedroom area rug is under the bed as a significant piece of décor. If you have nightstands adjacent to the bed, consider whether you'd like the rug to be under them all up to the headboard or end up in front of the nightstands' front legs.

  • Next to the bed

You can also opt for bedroom runner rugs and place them on either way if your bed is placed at the center of the room.

  • In the center of the room

Accents like dressers and cupboards may bring a misbalance to the bedroom. A bedroom area rug in the center will add comfort and style to the space.

How to layer rugs in a bedroom

Layering rugs benefits different textures in a room, and correct layering brings in a well-decorated room.

  • Color-play

A few years ago, the trend of layering rugs was straightforward. It revolved around putting the patterned pieces over different naturally-sourcedfibers. However, today consumers are looking for rug designs and colors that are compatible with each other visually. It's all about color coordination. You can also work with different shades of the same color as in tone-on-tone colors for bedroom area rugs.

  • Size disguise

Rugs are best layered to produce the best results when they're of different dimensions. One should be significant and dominant. The other ones should be smaller and serve as accents. Mat, as a rug manufacturer, has several sizes of rugs in a variety of options. Bedroom rugs in proper sizing and layering provide comfort and, when layered accurately, could bind a room's essence. You can also opt for layering a vintage area rug with a natural material-made rug. You can browse through Mat's finest vintage collection that is made with a labor of love and knowledge.

  • Pattern work

You can also layer rugs with patterns. Mat the Basics has bedroom carpets made with standard materials and thoughtfully designed. Its numerous pattern options let you place a rug with an assurance of quality.

Our Bedroom Area Rugs

Our bedroom rugs in traditional, contemporary designs and floral, geometric, patchwork patterns will not let you deviate and go for some ordinary option elsewhere. The stylish, elegant, colorful, as well as minimalist, sophisticated, and neutral options, will seamlessly blend into any bedroom interior while also improving the dull, drabby appearance and cushioning the cold, hard floor.

Perfect Rugs For Bedrooms

Perfect bedroom rugs are those that can accomplish the intended use. Our collection of bedroom area rugs is available in a plethora of style, weave, color, and material. Hence, they make up for most uses and fit into a wide range of needs.

Ideas Of Accessories Around The Bedroom Rugs

Take a look at your bedroom style to select the rug that creates harmony and injects functional aspects. Later, make purchases for other accessories that best fit the interior upon rug placement. Making purchases for accessories and then selecting a rug can be a daunting task, consuming most of the effort and time.

Choosing The Style, Size, Shape, And Color

You can choose to select from an array of different styles, size, color, and shape to determine the types that suits the interior in place. You can also choose to customize for characteristics that you aspire your bedroom rug to bring into the interior.

Style – The overall style of the interior in place may determine the style of the rug in the bedroom. However, there must be room for experimenting with the style. The bedroom will likely receive less foot traffic. Also, you may prioritize comfort over other characteristics. In that case, a plush, shaggy piece may be the way to go. 

Size – The most prominent entity in a bedroom is the bed. Hence, you must size and placement around it to achieve the aspired outcome, aesthetic, harmony, and functionality. Generally, the ideal sizes for a bedroom are 8 X 10 and 9X12 that goes with placement with most sized bedroom, king-size, queen-size and other.

Shape – Unless you are looking for an out-of-the-box interior design in the bedroom, most rugs are rectangular or square. However, inventiveness may drive you to explore shapes. You may customize the bedroom area rug for the shape that fits your placement and complements the decoration in place.

Color– Choosing an appropriate color is vital in establishing harmony and desired emotion. For a brighter, vibrant appearance, a yellow or a gold color bedroom rug could be a good choice. However, if you desire some girly charm and feminine touch, shades of pink and floral rugs can be an option.


  1. Can a tufted rug be placed in the bedroom?

Mat the Basics has tufted area rugs in various color options and sizes that are suitable and best fit for bedrooms.

  1. Which technique is most suited for bedroom rugs?

It is not deemed that rugs should be only shag rugs. Flat weave rugs, hand-loomed rugs, knotted rugs, tufted rugs and leather rugs are some numerous options that Mat weaves in its bedroom rugs. Materials like wool, viscose, bamboo, hemp, linen, polyester, and leather are used in the making either individually or via a mix.

  1. How to decorate a bedroom with a blue carpet?

Mat the Basics has numerous options in a blue carpet for bedrooms. Adding one such blue carpet can add a pop of color while keeping things tidy and organized.

  1. What color blend can be styled for the bedroom?

Bedroom rugs from Mat the Basics can be availed in many color options like white rugs, beige rugs, neutral rugs, yellow rugs, gold rugs, blue rugs, pink rugs, red rugs, green  rugs,gray rugs, black rugs, and multicolor rugs. You can choose from these beautiful flexible colors or mix & match them with the help of custom rug services.

  1. What kind of rugs are best for the bedroom?

Bedrooms hold low traffic, which is why a luxurious, high-pile, or even a shag rug. Wool and polypropylene are durable, hardwearing, and soft for bedroom rugs. To make things interesting, add some contrast between a bedroom area rug and the other elements of your decor.

  1. Do traditional rugs blend well in the bedroom?

A traditional bedroom rug serves a classic ambiance. You can cover a good portion of the bedroom with a traditional area rug to provide comfort and protection against scratches to the hardwood floors.

  1. What patterns can be chosen for bedroom rugs?

Bedroom area rugs can be experimented with and styled with all sorts of patterns. We house different patterns ranging from geometric, and abstracts, to patchwork, border, medallion, striped, floral, and chevron. Mat the Basics has custom options that let you design and choose a pattern as per your aspirations.

  1. How much does it cost to carpet a bedroom?

The cost of a bedroom carpet varies differently. The pricing depends upon the technique, size, and materials used. 100% silk rugs are more expensive than the other materials. The cost for knotted rugs also differs as there are different types of knots that get knotted. There is no certainty about a fixed cost for bedroom rugs as there are plenty of options to which a price gets attached.

  1. Will a shaggy area rug be a good fit for bedrooms?

Shaggy area rugs are fluffy rugs that come with a pile. They are best suited for bedroom rugs as they are made to withstand low traffic. High foot traffic on shag rugs can loosen out the fluffiness it withstands.

  1. What rug size can be placed in the bedroom?

Bedroom rug are meant to provide comfort. Using an improper size can lead to the disruption of the area. A good suitable size can help define the space in the bedroom. Mat the Basics has standard sizes for bedroom rugs which can be placed suitably after measuring. Sizes like: 4’x6’, 5’x8’, 6’x9’, 8’x10’, 9’x12’, square, round, and runner rugs can be placed to create a room of interest and comfort.

  1. What rug style can be styled for the bedroom?

Scandinavian rugs, mid-century rugs, contemporary rugs, hide rugs, leather rugs, shag rugs , traditional rugs, and vintage rugs are some of the few styles that you can choose to style your bedroom rug.

  1. Which material can be used for bedroom rugs?

It is necessary to delve into the details of a rug so as to check on its durability and other factors. Bamboo, hemp, leather, wool, linen, polyester, and viscose are some of the few materials that a bedroom rug is usually made.

  1. Is customization available for bedroom rugs?

When you cannot get hold of bedroom area rug as per your interest, choose Mat the Basics for your custom rug service, which has an exciting collection in all aspects. You get to select from beautiful flexible colors, weaves, style, or mix & match them with the help of custom rug services.

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