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Gold Area Rugs

The color gold has always been associated with elegance, prosperity, and power. A gold accent, such as a gold rug, is used in decors to incorporate a subtle shimmer and warmth. As leading rug manufacturers, we understand the practicality a gold area rug brings to a décor. Hence, we feature our gold rug in various shades and patterns that are an easy fit for your space.

One of the fascinating aspects of gold rug for the home is that it is a perfect match for rustic and glamorous interiors, two styles that could not be more distinct. The exceptional versatility of gold is not in color; however, it is the different levels of shine, texture, and brightness with which the color is merged.

The expensive color gold has been desirous since ancient days. Gold bedding, gold tableware, and golden trinkets were all used to show social status. Gold carpet have maintained this symbolism throughout history as being synonymous with affluence and royalty.

Materials Used For Gold Rugs

Our rugs are carefully crafted with well-suited and selected materials that bring subtle luster. The variance in its texture and designs is brought to you as we carefully tread all the procedures when incorporating the materials into a fully completed rug. Our rug making is completed with each minute detailing covered; from start to end, we inspect finer aspects to deliver high-quality gold carpets and rugs. From natural to synthetic or a blend of both, we ensure standard materials in our making of gold carpets, which help provide aesthetics and functionality. With the flexibility and durability of the weaving and the materials, our gold carpet and rugs can be styled in any space per one's style demands.

Construction Of Gold Area Carpet And Rugs

The best way to determine the quality of a rug is to inspect each minute step thoroughly. We keep a check on every step in the process of rug making, and with a talented force of craftsmanship, it becomes possible. The materials and construction also play an essential role in determining the rug's durability. Our gold carpets are no exception and have undergone various rug-making processes with care so that you receive quality products. These aspects can significantly affect the rug's durability, value, and appeal. As experts in rug manufacturing, we help you to draw con concludes appeal, including the making and technique.

A Sophisticated Way To Groom Any Room

Gold carpet is a versatile and sophisticated way to spruce up any room. Gold area carpets and rugs come in many different designs and styles. You can easily find one that reflects your personal sense of style while adding an opulent touch to your décor. Gold area rug can be used to add style and texture to your living room, dining room, bedroom, home office, or hallway. Gold rug works well with a variety of decorating styles such as contemporarytraditional, and transitional.

What Are The Available Sizes And Shapes Of Gold Area Rugs?

Mat the Basics offers a wide range of gold carpet and rugs in various sizes. You can welcome guests with a 6'x9'gold carpet or fill an entire living space with a 9'x12' gold rug in beautiful patterns. Apart from the standard sizes in gold rugs, we offer customization of gold carpet and rugs. The custom rug service helps you to get a carpet in your choice of material, weave, texture, and design.

Color Combinations With Gold Rugs

  • White and gold color area rugs

We manufacture white and gold area carpets and rugs in quality materials that help add sophistication to any space. A white and gold area rug will soften the floors in your home. These luxurious pieces are woven with fibers that can ease the pressure on your feet.

  • Gold and gray area rugs

A merge of synthetic and natural or only synthetic and natural yarns is sent out to dye, bringing in the desired shade of a rug. A color combination of gold and gray brings the required stability and light to an interior. Our gold and gray rugs are brought to color with dyeing, which is done without compromising the quality.

  • Black and gold color area rugs

We manufacture black and gold area carpets and  rugs that are made with rich, luxurious detailing and help to add a lively feel. Our rug collection adds life and style to any space, and we weave durable rugs to withstand the high-traffic areas in your home.

Favored Materials For Gold Rug

Our gold area rug are available in many different materials including wool, silk, viscose, and polyester. Gold carpet is also available in numerous patterns that are elegant or casual depending on the design you choose. You can lay them anywhere in your home for a touch of luxury. The literal metallic appearance of gold area carpets and rugs adds lustrous shine and goes with a versatile color palette. The material is chosen such that it complements the appearance of a gold carpet.

An Erstwhile Tradition To The Latest Modern

Gold area rug can fit into eclectic styles from erstwhile traditional to the latest modern. Gold area carpet and rugs for interior design appear both in grand palatial homes and in ordinary dwellings. Gold area rug can be placed under entryway benches, living room sofas and armchairs, accent chairs, coffee tables, dining room tables and chairs, side tables beside beds, bedroom lamps, and nightstands.

Display Luxury And Fortune Gold Rug

For interior design projects supposed to showcase legacy, fortune, and luxury in abundance, gold carpets and rugs are the way to go. Gold carpets and rugs have a wonderful vibrancy and can bring about a sense of elegance in any interior decor scheme. Hence, for interior designers, gold color rugs are a must-have. Gold rug can make a statement without having to be overpowering; gold area carpet and  rugs are the perfect way to add an element of luxury while maintaining a sense of class and decorum. Gold color rugs bring warmth and richness into your home.

Gold Rugs For Every Occasion

Gold rugs with lavish patterns and elegant designs will make an impression on guests and visitors alike. Gold carpet is appropriate for both formal and informal occasions, making gold area carpets versatile as well as beautiful.

Best Place To Order Gold Area Rugs From Largest Rug Manufacturers

We are proud manufacturers of gold area carpet and rugs that provide superior craftsmanship and high-end quality of gold carpets and  rugs. Gold rugs by Mat the Basics are durable, popular, vibrant, beautiful, harmonious, and visually appealing. Their versatile nature allows you to place them in any space per your room's styling.

The gold area carpets we manufacture are an ideal decor piece because of their unmatched quality in terms of weave, material, and functionality they provide. Our gold carpets and rugs provide uniformity and consistency in their design. This color is popular and works with dark patterns to create a perfect contrast. Explore our gorgeous patterns, weave, shades, and texture in gold color rugs and find the ideal piece to meet your needs.


  • What patterns can be used in making gold rugs?

Patterns add a flair to the bland floorings. Hardwoods do not carry any design or texture and hence adding a rug will bring some patterns to the room. Our gold area carpet and rugs come in scintillating patterns of abstract rugs, chevron rugs, and geometrics rugs, to patchwork rugs, floral rugs, medallion rugs, border rugstraditional rugs and striped pattern rugs. They bring in practicality with their décor and color.

  • What rug style can be implemented in the making of gold rugs?

The beauty of a gold rug for your home is its ability to match both rustic and glamorous interiors. It is not the style of gold, but rather the way it blends with different shades of texture and shine. For our gold area rugs, styling can be imparted and chosen ranging from contemporary rugs style, cowhide rugs style, luxury rugs style, shaggy rugs style, traditional rugs style, vintage rugs style, texture rugs style, Scandinavian rugs style, mid-century rugs style, and farmhouse rugs style.

  • What colors can be introduced other than the color gold in rugs?

White rugs, beige rugs, neutral rugs, yellow rugs, blue rugs, pink rugs, red rugs, green rugs, gray rugs, black rugs, and multi color rugs are some of our standard color options for our rugs other than the gold area carpets and rugs.

  • Where can gold area rugs be placed?

Gold area carpet and rugs reflect your individual fashion while also adding a luxurious accent to your interior. Our gold area carpets and rug are a great way to bring flair and texture to any room. You can easily adorn them in living room rugs, dining room rugs, kitchen rugs, and kid’s room rugs to bedrooms rugs, and indoor-outdoor rugs spaces.

  • What rug sizes can be used in making gold rugs?

From small rugs, round rugs, runner rugs, and square rugs to sizes like 4’x6’ rugs, 5’x8’ rugs, 6’x9’ rugs, 8’x10’ rugs, and 9’x12’ rugs we offer our rugs for your suitable space.

  • Which weaving technique can be used in making gold area rugs?

We pay attention to every detail when making rugs. Our rug weaving options range from being in flat-weave rugs technique, knotted rugs technique, leather rugs technique, shaggy rugs technique, loom knotted rugs technique, and tufted rugs technique. We ensure that only the right technique is imparted for our stunning rugs in your sumptuous décor.

  • What materials can be used in making gold rugs?

We use standard materials such as wool rugs material, polyester rugs material, viscose rugs material, bamboo rugs material, hemp rugs material, leather rugs material, and linen rugs material either independently or as a mix to make our gold carpets. Our gold color rugs are versatile and durable and can be styled in any space that suits your style.

  • Is Customization possible with gold area rugs?

We are elated to offer custom rugs service for gold area carpet and rugs that help you achieve a stunning décor. We hear your ideas, and thoughts and weave a rug that matches your aspirations and needs for a glorious and luxe interior.

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