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At MAT, we’re building on our heritage of creating beautiful flooring and home furnishing products as we aspire to be a design leader, number one global supplier and to join forces with like minded companies, designers and consumers and to make a difference in the lives of the people who are involved in creating these beautiful products The weavers and craftsmen who are the true artists who should be valued for their creative and hard work.



    MAT produces all handmade qualities of rugs, including hand-knotted, hand-tufted, handloom or loom-knotted, and handwoven.

    We can compare quality of rugs on the basis of their weights only in case of consistency of production method and yarn. Weights can differ due to different reasons, and hence it is not an ideal method of comparing rugs.

    Yes, we make indoor/outdoor and outdoor rugs on special orders. Outdoor rugs are dependent on their yarn and color retention, and our contemporary yarn, like 100% PET Yarn, can withstand the outdoor environment conditions.

    We don’t only make customized rugs, but it is our expertise. We thrive on customizations, and our bespoke service is designed to create fine made-to-order area rugs – bypassing the boundaries of colors, sizes, designs, yarn, and weave.

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