Explore The Mat The Basics Color Drop Collection 2023-2024

Color Drop 2022-23

These mesmerizing color options will push you to consider a makeover and start afresh. Warmth, comfort, and positivity shall dominate your wishlist, with senses drawn to these trending colors that make aesthetically pleasing rugs for floor decoration.

Orchid flower

“Skin of positivity to your hardwood floor”

For floors that appear blooming, monochrome, and mono symmetrical, an orchid pink-purple rug can come in handy. Also, it can be a secret to transforming a room, creating a bold impact using an orchid pink rug on a floor architecture.

It will create a lively space, filling the floor area with energy and maintaining a cheerful atmosphere throughout.


“Nourish the architecture of your floor”

The gleaming honeycomb gold area rugs will favor upliftment, care, and relish. It will instantly add shine to the floor while making a statement for other decorative in the room.  Also, the metallic shine and lustrous characteristic of fine woven rugs are a way to go for interior styles of modern as well as traditionally decorated rooms.

Lazuli Royal 

“Walkover healing lazuli blue”

Inspired by the beautiful, celestial blue gemstone Lapis Lazuli which contains only one type of carbon and therefore never contains the same amount of color, the royal blue hues of our rugs in this category appropriately resemble the gem.

The colors of our rugs range from ultramarine to a lighter blue and vary in intensity. Also, the color symbolizes Style, Life, and Balance to add to the characteristics of an interior.

Dark Oak

“Introduce dark oak area rug – infuse safety and strength”

Our dark oak rugs feature the darkest shades of brown. They are an emblem of legacy, inheritance, and solidity. It is a timeless color choice that proves to be classic in appearance, coordinating with wooden finishes to create harmony. A dark oak rug will also play an important role in creating a luxurious tone in the space.


“Flourish your floor for a peaceful walk”

Inspired by the color of rare Jade stones, our jade green area rugs instill friendship, harmony, and renewal in the areas that they occupy. The color of our jade green rugs varies for good exactly as jade stones do.

Jade green is a dark yellowish-green color. The shades of green are also indicative of freshness, outdoor vibes, and a green ecosystem that can heal.

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