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Round Area Rugs

Round rugs have become popular in recent years, assisting interior decorators in introducing some curve lining, shape, and geometry to the floor. Round rug can help define different room areas and add a touch of luxury. A round area rug can be a beautiful addition to any room in your home, injecting life and personality into the space. Also, we have numerous circular rugs to choose from, so you are sure to find one perfect for your need.

Round area rugs may find usage in almost every style of interior decoration and all types of rooms, from living rooms to bedrooms to dining sets. For a vibrant, expressive interior, round rug with bold designs and bright colors can fit. Alternatively, if you want a subtle addition, you could choose one of our rugs with a plain or understated pattern.

Round Rugs Arrangement For Living Room:

A round area rug can be a great way to define different living room areas. For example, you might want to use a rug to create a seating area next to your fireplace or define an area for your TV stand. Also, you may plan to go for a geometric theme in the living room that sets it apart and stands out to convey uniqueness.

Round Rugs In The Bedroom:

While square and rectangular rugs are popular in bedrooms, round circle rugs can also be a great choice. They can help to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, which is perfect for a bedroom. One can also use round area rugs to define different areas of a bedroom. For example, you might want to use a round rug to create a seating area next to your bed or define an area for your dressing table. You might consider round wool rugs. They’re soft, warm, and luxurious, making them the perfect addition to a bedroom.

Round Rugs In Entryways:

An entryway is the first thing guests see, so it’s important to make a good first impression. A round area rug can be a great way to do this, as it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Our round rug can also help keep feet warm on cold days, and they can help trap dirt and mud before it enters your home. If you are looking for a round rug for entryways, you should choose from our collection of round area rugs that are durable and easy to clean. You might also want to select a design that will complement the rest of your décor.

Round rugs for dining rooms:

A round rug can be a great addition to a dining room, as it can help create a more relaxed and informal atmosphere. It’s also perfect for protecting your floor from spills and stains. Eventually, whatever be your needs and aspirations concerning rugs for various spaces and areas of an interior, you may browse through our wide collection or contact us for personalized assistance.


  • What patterns are available for round rugs?

From abstract rugs, chevron rugs, and geometrics rugs, to patchwork rugs, floral rugs, medallion rugs, border rugstraditional rugs and striped pattern rugs are available for round rug. Eye-catchy designs whose inspiration goes far and beyond are what has been captured and crafted for the round circle rugs.

  • What rug style can be implemented for round rugs?

For round area rugs, numerous styling can be imparted and chosen ranging from contemporary rugs style, cowhide rugs style, luxury rugs style, shaggy rugs style, traditional rugs style, vintage rugs style, texture rugs style, Scandinavian rugs style, mid-century rugs style, and farmhouse rugs style. A round rug is not the conventional design pattern you get to see in a décor. We are proud owners of round rug that comes in numerous styles to match your desire.  

  • What colors can be introduced in the making of round rugs?

White rugs, beige rugs, neutral rugs, yellow rugs, gold rugs, blue rugs, pink rugs, red rugs, green rugs, gray rugs, black rugs, and multi color rugs are some of the standard color options that we incorporate for our circular rugs. You can choose from this variety or let us know your tone and shade for circular rugs, and we will help you craft one. Flexible tones and color combinations are used in our round  rugs to help you elevate your interior.

  • What other rug sizes are available than the round rugs?

From small rugs, runner rugs, and square rugs to sizes like 4’x6’ rugs, 5’x8’ rugs, 6’x9’ rugs, 8’x10’ rugs, and 9’x12’ rugs are available than circular rugs. We ensure that the right rug suits your space without hampering your interior, which is why we house suitable sizes as per your needs.

  • Which weaving technique can be used in making round rugs?

Round rugs can be made using different techniques such as flat-weave rugs technique, knotted rugs technique, leather rugs technique, shaggy rugs technique, loom knotted rugs technique, and tufted rugs technique. These are some stunning techniques and styles in which we craft our area rugs in. We ensure that only the right technique is imparted for your stunning rugs in your sumptuous décor.

  • Which rooms are best suited for round rugs?

Since circular rugs are a piece of décor, they can be used as for different rooms like living room rugs, dining room rugs, kitchen rugs, and kid’s room rugs to bedrooms rugs, and indoor-outdoor rugs. A round dining table can be artfully designed with our round rugs for a gorgeous décor.

  • What materials can be used in making round rugs?

Different materials are used for crafting different rugs. Techniques and styles also varies for the round area rugs. As different rooms have different functions we craft the 6’x9’ rugs accordingly. Round circle rugs can be made using of wool rugs material, polyester rugs material, viscose rugs material, bamboo rugs material, hemp rugs material, leather rugs material, and linen rugs material to achieve a standard quality. Our round circle rugs are made with materials that stand out to give you longevity and durability as it is made in skilled craftsmanship.

  • Is Customization possible with round rugs?

Mat the Basics offers customization services for all rugs, pillows, and poufs. We are eager to hear your ideas as to your rug. Our trade partnership benefits make us an exclusive rug manufacturer in the world of flooring.

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