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Living room rugs aren't only ornamental pieces, they are elements that bind the entire space together. Our living room rugs provide a warm feel to the area thereby making it more inviting. We have area rugs for living room that are a work of art and lays for a comforting feel underfoot. Our designers recommend large-size living room rugs for your interior. The reason is that large living room rugs on the floor make an area appear larger. Herein, it is easy to browse through a variety of styles and find stunning options of area rugs for living rooms without ever leaving your house.

Discover a variety of styles in our area rugs for living room

It's an undisputed fact that every living space has a distinct vibe. Every single item of furniture contributes to the overall atmosphere and creates an ambiance in the room. To accomplish this efficiently, the only thing you have been doing is adhering to a specific style. There are a variety of styles that you can pick to furnish your home. The trick is to match each decor element to the style you select. This is where the living room rugs are a must.

Our area rugs for living rooms have the flair to bring the entire accents together as they are available in a wide range of styles, be it traditional or transitional. From abstract, geometric, medallion to stripe patterns we own a living room rug that shall suit every room. Area rugs for living room make a statement and change the appearance and elegance of the overall interior of the house. We understand the market for hand-crafted living room rugs and hence we employ them as and when needed to bring the charm and aesthetics that you long for.

The best way to choose living room area rugs

When you set out to purchase area rugs for living room, there are unkempt styles, sizes, and color options that you have come across. Let us walk through some aspects to understand the components that you should consider before making the buy.

Size: Measure the area when you decide to place an area rug for the living room. Measuring the area before considering any other factor will help you list out your options, and thereby you will also get an idea of what is not to be included. We have some sizes listed below for you to choose and for more rug preferences, you can browse the website. You can opt from amongst our 4’x6’, 5'x8', 6'x9', or 9’x12’ rug sizes after you decide upon the measurements of the area. Our Adhara area rugs for living room can be placed to get a captivating view of the room. For some uniqueness in the room or one which is also a scintillating option, you can choose our Canopus rugs from our esteemed collection. There are more for you to explore and select.

Colors: Color trends keep changing and knowing that we have significant colored rugs for living room. Darker rugs will create a cozy feeling, while lighter rugs will open up spaces. A large-scale rug with more open designs and softer colors can help to ground a visually hectic room. You should wisely select living room rugs as they will affect the other accents in the room. While the right color with proper lights will enhance the room, the wrong color selection can bring down the styling aspect.

Pattern: Correct selection of patterns bring balance to the room. Choosing one pattern can be tricky but you can layer them up by combining a simple with an intricate rug pattern from our collection of area rugs for the living room.

Shapes: In general, first consider the dimension of the area and then opt for the shape of the living room rug. We possess round, rectangular area rugs for living room, which will prove to be an exciting element for the interior.

If you're searching for a traditional, mid-century, or contemporary rug, there's bound to be a living room area rug that meets your needs. If you're searching for an alternative size or are concerned about any other aspect please ask us for help based on your needs.

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