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Patchwork Area Rugs

Patchwork area rug are unique and beautiful owing to their unique making process. This unique rug style has been popular in recent times and is likely to form a preferred choice for many. Our patchwork area rugs are very durable and provide a natural look and feel. Our patchwork rugs are traditionally hand-made, and the majority of these rugs are made from wool on a cotton base.

What are patchwork rugs?

The weavers sew several individual pieces together to form the aspired pattern on the surface of a finished patchwork area rug. They offer endless design possibilities to our internal designers, who can cut several patches to form the desired pattern and explore complex designs. We extend similar benefits through our bespoke service, where one gets to explore their aspiration of design, color, material, and other aspects while getting a patchwork area rug made.

Styling with Patchwork rugs

The patchwork style is a modern and trendy design and can enhance any room. One can use patchwork rugs to decorate the entire interior or individual rooms. A modern patchwork rug can be availed in any shape to meet the requirements of eclectic architectural spaces and styles. You can also get a custom patchwork rug made of a particular color scheme or design. Patchwork rugs are an excellent choice for a contemporary room. They are equally preferred to decorate a traditional or vintage theme, and we house vintage-style patchwork area rugs to complement traditional theme interior decoration. Some of our patchwork area rugs are made with traditional motifs, while others are monochromatic and solid. Most patchwork rugs are hand-knotted and are considered to be a modern design.

Types of patchwork rugs we have

While the designs of our patchwork rug can usually be categorized as traditional or modern, each patchwork area rug can complement a different style to create harmony. Also, one may look for a particular weaving method among various methods that produce patchwork area rugs. The technique employed in making our patchwork area rugs includes flatweave, hand-knotting, and hand tufting. You can choose a patchwork rug with any style of woven fiber. They feature different colors, patterns, and designs over wool and other premium-quality fibers. Regardless of how you choose to make your patchwork rug, you can find one that matches the style of your home. You can even create a custom-made rug from scratch, using various fibers and other features.

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