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Wool Area Rugs

We have a variety of yarn in our disposition to suit varying needs. However, wool has been the favorite rug fiber for years, and among clients who look for an all-around attribute in a rug. Rugs are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and resilient to wear and tear. The raw wool fiber owns the luxury feel. Essentially, every luxury home today is designed to lend the same luxury feel to the floor. For decades, interior stylists have relied on wool area rugs. The contribution in creating authentic wool area rug complemented by the endeavors craftsmen happen to fulfill the desires of homeowners.

Quality Matters

The majority of wool material we employ is New Zealand wool. Their counts are- 30s, 60s, 90s, 10s, 0s, and -5s. Undeniable, all rugs are not a great choice owing to the quality they bear. It is always good to have a keen eye on identifying fiber. The better the quality of raw material, the better is the rug produced. Essentially, the attributes of the wool get mirrored in the rug. 

Contribution To Aesthetics

The wool fibers aptly mirror their properties to stand to the expectations of aesthetics and functionalities. Hence, for years’ wool area rugs have maintained their place among luxury rug selections. They bring the charm that shines and speaks in a luxurious tone.  The majority of the top-selling rugs in our disposition are wool made. They are made to enhance the aesthetics of the concrete floor. Eclectic style rugs in the contemporaryluxuryvintage, and traditional are made of premium wool material are known to have made interiors shine for decades. We tend to balance our wool area rugs design, color, pattern, and other aesthetic ingredients to ensure they offer feel-good aesthetics in a minimalistic setting.

Functional Attributes

All such functionalities you may desire from an ideal area rug are reflected by wool area rugs. Based on weaving and other consideration during the process, they deliver functionalities worth celebrating. They prevent skids, are durable, are a sophisticated choice. If complementary materials are added in appropriate proportion, These rugs can bring in maximal functionality and aesthetics one can adorn. We know how much of a particular material can form aspired delicacy or durability.

Customization of Wool area rug

One can customize for materials that form the preferred choice. Our customization service allows you to get your area rug designed for the quality and comfort you wish from wool area rug. When we make an area rug entirely from scratch, you can have your inputs in terms of material type, quality, fiber density among other aspects like design, pile height, weave, and size. We offer to hear out your design aspiration, colors that excite you, weaving that fascinates you, and any other characteristics you wished your wool area rug must bear.

 Numerous reasons make a wool area rug your best friend. These rugs have been around since ancient times and are one of the most preferred home décor selections. If you are in a fix, this is going to help.

Wool Is Natural

The sheep produce this natural fiber. Sheep has got wool like we have got hair. It doesn't get more natural than this. The shearers use shearing tools once a year to remove the wool from the sheep. It does not hurt at all, and it lifts the excess weight off the sheep, making them all light and happy. That is one reason to go for a wool rug. Right?

Wool Rugs Are Durable

Wool rugs are heirloom pieces if only you know where to get one from. Rugs go back to ancient times. High-quality wool rugs have stood the test of time, even in damp environments. The reason- it contains a natural protective barrier that hampers the water from penetrating the fibers. Your wool rug can absorb 1/3rd of its weight in moisture and still feel comfortable and dry.

Wool Rugs Are Hypoallergenic

This feature makes your wool area rug the safest carpeting option for a baby nursery. Your baby can crawl, and you can be stress-free. People who suffer from allergies have this fear of inducing allergy triggers in the form of rugs. Choosing a wool rug relieves you from such worries.

There is more. Your wool rug is naturally soft, fire-resistant, naturally liquid-resistant, dirt-resistant, warm, and of course- stunningly beautiful.

Wool Rug Shedding: Is It Normal?

If you are worried about shedding, know that shedding is normal. Shedding is not an inevitable sign of poor quality. Even if you invest in the best quality rug, some shedding is part of the long wool rug journey, and it should not be a reason to be disappointed with your wool rug purchase.

Shedding, however, does not last forever. You might find the shedding dramatic at first when you purchase the rug, but it should decline or stop in some months. It takes a few months for the wool carpet and rug to settle down, and you will eventually get rid of shedding.

How To Remove Stains From Your Wool Rug?

  • If you get an ink stain on a wool carpet or rug, mix a teaspoon of your dishwashing liquid with the water, and dab a towel in this mixture. Blot the stain using the same towel, and you are good to go.
  • You can use the same mix for grease stains, but scrape off any food solids first.
  • If you have a pet mess on the rug, blot at it to remove excess liquid. You can then mix white vinegar, dish soap, and water and use the mixture to blot away the stain.
  • For marker stains, use your carpet cleaner. Dish soap and water solution is pretty much a solution to most stains and spills.

Wool Rug- A Versatile Choice

You can find a wool carpet and rug in any preferred style. Available in a high pile and low pile designs, your rug is guaranteed to introduce the plushness you desire. Find the patterns that will fetch you compliments or get colors that brighten the entire room. There is a wool carpet and rug for everyone. From patterned to solid colored wool rugs, from vintage to modern, and from geometric to organic.

Order Wool Rugs In Bulk From Mat The Basics.

Find the most suitable wool area rugs for your interior or projects by browsing through the carefully selected assortment available for purchase at MatTheBasics. If you're looking for wool carpet and rugs that can mix and match different colors and styles, and materials, or are looking for area rugs with an original unique feature you will be able to find the right piece here.


  1. Are wool rugs of high maintenance?

Wool carpet and rugs come in all price ranges depending upon the quality of wool yarn. Wool rugs can be more costly than synthetic or cotton ones, but they are robust and can last an entire lifetime if properly maintained.

  1. How to wash wool rugs?

Wool carpet and rugs can be woven, tufted, or knotted. Hence, there is a difference in their cleaning and washing. Wool carpet rugs must be professionally cleaned for their longevity. However, wool carpet and rugs can also be hand washed with a soft brush. Spot-cleaning the wool carpet rugs with kitchen paper helps to prevent further damage to the rug.

  1. Where to buy wool rugs?

Mat the Basics manufacturers numerous wool carpets and rug in endless possibilities. From the difference in weave, design, color, yarn, and texture to styling, there are a variety of wool area rugs to choose from.

  1. Is customization possible in wool rugs?

Mat the Basics provides custom service for rugs as per your aspiration and style. With skilled craftsmanship, we weave a custom wool carpet rug after hearing your inputs regarding the material, yarn, pile height, weave, size, and color. When we make custom wool carpet rugs, we discuss your vision for your rug, the space you wish to place, and your interest in weaves.

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