Hand Knotted area rugs for wholesale in the USA

Hand-Knotted Area Rugs for Wholesale in the USA

Hand-knotted area rugs for wholesale in the USA: Rugs come under the category of Home décor, though they have acquired a category of their own. They are now an absolute must in every American household for the past few years. Rugs are always in trend because they instantly bring charm and grace to an otherwise incomplete room. Hand-knotted area rugs, in particular, are a dream because they are the king among all the rugs – carrying the finest making.

One can decorate their home with a variety of hand-knotted customized area rugs, which will keep a family cozy and guests wondering. We are the best area rugs wholesaler in USA.

What is a Hand-Knotted Area Rug?

In this modern world of technological advancements, there are still a few things that create magic when done with hands; hand-knotted area rugs are among them. Skilled weavers work at a stretch tying thousands of knots fabricating beautiful designs inspired by nature, animals, flowers, etc. It is a labor-intensive process, and the materials used are silk, wool, and cotton, among many others. Each hand-knotted area rug is different from the other each one has a unique pattern.


What are the different hand-knotted area rugs available for wholesale?

Gone are the days when we used to buy rugs and then mold them according to our requirements. We can individually pick the color, shape, size, type of carpets and make them customized according to our preferences. Having a plethora of alternatives to choose from, the following are the few hand-picked styles that will please anyone who ends up buying one for the living, dining, and bedroom. It takes longer to make hand-knotted area rugs than their counterparts, but they are surely worth the wait. So, let’s start the list.

Persian knotted Rugs

This knotted rug is asymmetrical and doesn’t have a gap; famous for its floral patterns, the influence of style is from south-Asian countries of India, China, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Turkish knotted Rugs

Unlike Persian rugs, these are symmetrical with knots both at the back and front, giving an impression of a double knot, practiced in mostly Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Iran.

Jufti knotted Rugs

Concerning the quality, they are two knots behind the Persian and Turkish rugs, as in these rugs, the weaver doesn’t tie the knot around two threads; he does it around four, which in result compromises the quality of the carpet.

Pure Woolen Rugs

Sheared from sheep (they are not harmed; for them, it’s a haircut during the summers), they are very favorable for their anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties.

Silk Rugs

Pure silk thread knotted luxuriously, giving a royal and regal look with its expensive quality.

Jaipur Rugs

Thousands of artists residing across hundreds of villages in the Indian state of Rajasthan have the enormous potential of developing a beautifully crafted rug from what we call mere materials.

Braided Rugs

One of America’s earliest categories of rugs has provided warmth and comfort to people for ages. For Braided Rugs, the cloth is first cut and then braided with hands, and after getting stitched together, it is turned into a floor covering.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are tons of hand-knotted area rugs available in the market, including Oriental Rugs, Jute Rugs, Cotton Rugs, Medallion Designed rug, Cut Shuttle woven rug, and Erased pattern rug.

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