How Designers Select a Perfect Area Rug

How designers select a perfect Area Rug: Your home is the only place you unwind yourself and rejuvenate your whole body after a long tiring day. It feels great to be at home when you create your own space with love to cultivate happiness for you.

There’s something good about spending your time at home that revitalizes all your senses. Be it the smell of your room, watching tv sitting on your favorite sofa, the sight of your wall art, or the touch of your feet on the rug.

But it’s not easy to create a space that defines your style and personality. There are plenty of limitations that can make a big difference in developing your home aesthetics.

Don’t want to spend big on the décor and still enjoy your space to make a statement? Well, you can achieve this by adding a few eye-catching elements to your room. Perfect Area Rug – being one of them can help you set the tone right for your entire space.

Are they looking for a perfect area rug for each space of your home? At Mat the basics, various interior designers and architects coordinate with our designers to get an ideal area rug for their different projects. We curate the list of what designers look for and how they choose the best indoor perfect area rug.

Find Perfect Area Rug

Consider the function of the Rug

In your routine life, different purposes call for extra shoes. Wearing your running shoes at your sisters’ wedding or the loafers on a lazy Sunday morning won’t do any good. The idea behind selecting different shoes for various activities is to serve the proper purpose.

Similarly, your lifestyle calls for different area rugs for other rooms. A designer rug won’t serve its purpose if placed in the bathroom. Selecting a perfect area rug for your room depends on how you plan to spend your time in the room and how you envision living in your space. Would you like to have the glamour, or do you want comfort in your room? These things will help you utter what design you should look for in your room, leading you to choose a perfect area rug.

Why Rug Size Matters?

An Area Rug suits best in proportion to your space. That’s why it’s essential to consider the shape of the room and the furniture to understand the size of the area Rug select and place it.

The size of an interior rug decides the look of your room. It can either make it or break it. Hence, we always recommend having a more significant indoor carpet for your room, as small-sized rugs will have zero impact in your large-sized room. Let’s see what size of Rug best fits your various rooms.

Perfect Area Rug

For a large spaced living room, choose a rug big enough to pull all the pieces of furniture together and define a conversational space, and for your small-sized living room, placing an area rug under the coffee table will make it look larger.

The Contemporary Rug under your dining table should be large enough to add 24 inches extra on all the sides allowing chairs to always remain on the Rug even when pulled back for seating.

For your bedroom, either opt  Indoor Area Rug that fits all bed legs, or at least a 2/3rd  bed is placed on the Rug. You can also opt to put rug runners on each side of the bed.

perfect area rugs

Choosing a perfect color

The color of the luxury rug that you plan to place in your living room is going to be a key element, highlighting your entire space. Hence you should be clear with your intention of putting the Rug. Whether you want to add color to your room?, Or looking to add color with texture? Should the Area Rug make a bold statement, or should it just blend with the existing décor?

Before you finalize the color of your indoor rug, take a look at your home’s color scheme and consider the color of your furnishings. Imagine how would they look together with your rug for a clear perspective of your choice.

Choosing the best material

The material you choose for your floor rug depends on various factors:

  1. The room for which you are making a choice.
  2. The purpose of placing it in that particular room.
  3. Who all will be using it, and at last, why they would be using it.
Choosing the best material

For your living room, you need a soft woolen contemporary area rug to place your feet upon. However, you cannot remember the same Rug under your dining table. You either need a woolen or cotton Rug for your kids to play upon, considering its durability and easy maintenance.

Whatever choice you make, always prefer an area rug that adds to the feel-good factor.

Styling Tips

Consider these additional styling tips used by our various legendary designers:
  1. Colors are always helpful. I prefer Rugs with exciting patterns of different colors. Patterned and Colorful Rug will not let wear and tear appear on the surface.
  2. Choose a colorful pattern to make the place look more joyful.
  3. Add a layer of pattern Rug on a solid area Rug. It’s an easy way to add dimension to your room.
  4. Entrance Halls are the perfect place to set the first impression by placing a bold rug.
  5. Choose a plain area Rug with a contrasting edge to strongly define an area.
  6. A Round Rug is perfect for rooms with lots of hard edges. 

We hope these expert designer tips will help you to put your beautiful room together. To get started now and choose from the various indoor perfect area rug options in terms of size, color, and material, you can visit Matthebasics. You can also ask your questions about choosing an ideal luxury rug or ordering a customized area rug with your preferred design, color, and size to best suit your needs.

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