There are many appealing area rugs constructed from leather. Wool/leather or leather/viscose combinations are common materials used for a leather rug. 

Rugs made of leather can look like a collection of bright confetti that has been glued together. Avoid using area rugs made of leather in damp or humid environments. They’re ideal for moderate-traffic areas like bedrooms, offices, or dens. Some carpets made of leather are suitable for rooms that have moderate traffic. Rugs made of leather provide visual and tactile interest to any room. The ridges of leather can create a natural pattern over the decades. It’ll look like a part of your room without appearing too dull or familiar. Leather that is not shaved softens the room and adds character.

A leather rug of the highest quality can last for decades and be sought-after as a vintage item. The softness of aged leather is evident; however, it’s tough. In contrast to cheaper carpets made of synthetic materials or those that are delicate, the leather rug can withstand many years of foot traffic. 

Placement of leather area rugs

Each leather rug is unique in patterns and colors. All rugs can be purchased because you are enamored of the design or style or pick an item specifically to enhance the existing color scheme. Leather rugs are a great option as they can become the focal point of flooring made of wood to provide a warm and cozy ambiance in a room. The distinctive patterns and colors of a leather rug can be utilized to reduce the harshness of a straight-sided space, and due to their durability, they can be used in areas with a lot of traffic, like hallways.

Herein we have provided you with some places to place a leather rug. 

1. In the living room

a leather rug in a living room

When choosing to place a leather rug for the living room, you first need to consider the size of your entire room. There are some general guidelines and tips to help you choose the best size and style of rug for your space. The only absolute rule to keep in mind is that the placement should look thoughtful and deliberate and not look like the leather carpet was chosen by accident or the wrong size for the space. Since there are many different seating styles in the living room, there is no single rule for placing a carpet under living room furniture.

2. In the Bedroom

a leather rug in a bedroom

As with the bedroom carpet size, we recommend that you select a carpet that is over 50% of the total area of ​​your room and at least some inches wider on all sides of the furnishing. An essential factor for placing a leather area rug in a bedroom is choosing the right size of the carpet, keeping in mind the measurements of the wall, the bed, and the size of the room. 

3. In the Guest room:

a leather rug placed in a simple guest room

A leather rug can be placed in front of the seating arrangement for a guest room. You can opt for placing a leather rug with an oversized couch and a small coffee table; this will help serve a sleek and elegant look. Some designers claim that all your furniture is placed around the outer perimeter of the carpet, but it is much preferable to have only the front legs of your seat above the rug.

4. For the interior of an office:

an office interior with a leather rug

 A leather rug that is 2-3 feet smaller than the actual space will make the room feel more open and balanced. The size of the carpet also helps define the area. The size of office rugs depends on the overall size of your room, taking up at least half of the floor area. The Bedroom the essential factors in choosing the right size rug for a bedroom are the size of the bed and the size of the room.

5. For the foyer:

a foyer with a simple leather rug

The entryway hall or an entrance can be adorned with a leather rug. Their property of being durable helps them sustain high foot traffic.  

6. Layering:

A large area rug with the layering of a leather rug

If you’re going to put a rug on top, you’ll need to find one thicker than the one you’re laying (not necessarily a lot, but at least a little thicker). In general, the overall layout of the room should also be considered. The best size and shape rug for a particular space will help bring the room’s overall look to life while also showing off the best qualities of the carpet itself. The key to creating visual balance in the living room with rugs is to use them in proportion to the size of the room and oversized furniture, especially sofas. 


A leather area rug can be made for a piece of an heirloom when it is cleaned, cared and appropriately maintained. Here are a few steps on how you can do so:

  • Get your rug outside and shake it up -This is a simple method to eliminate dust particles that have settled in it from the movement of feet or other dust particles in the room.
  • Mix water and mild soap that is natural and gentle into either a bucket or bowl, depending on the rug’s dimensions. If the material maker doesn’t endorse washing with the combination of water and soap, then use an oil-based leather cleaner.
  • Clean any residue off the foam or soap.
  • Dry the rug using soft towels that are weighed down with large objects. A book will accomplish the job well. This can reduce the chance of damage or scratch due to any cleaner you’ve not entirely cleaned away. If your rug remains damp after blotted it, let it air dry.
  • A professional cleaning service is advised to prolong the life of the rug.

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