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Mat The Basics follows a tradition of innovation and in the future with the industry. They understand that e-commerce is the biggest disruptor in the industry since international trade Program For Rug Company was established. E-commerce comes with its challenges and solutions. Their trade partner program For E-commerce  Rug Company helps turn the challenges into opportunities by understanding how an e-commerce ecosystem works. 

The Trade Pricing

The most significant change that Trade Partner Program For e-commerce Rug Company has brought is the change in the pricing models. The classic rugs and their pricing aren’t applicable because buyers cannot feel the product and often don’t understand the quality segments. Mat The Basics works in three ways to counter this:

  • The quality is showcased and advertised with information regarding the technique and the raw materials.
  • Different products with different pricing models are available, allowing for different budget segments to co-exist.
  • The trade pricing that Mat The Basics offers is industry-best Trade Program For E-commerce Rug Company.
Trade Program For E-commerce Rug Company
Trade Program For E-commerce Rug Company

The Design Collection

For online selling, a product needs to be eye-pleasing. Often, the cheaper machine-made rugs sell only because they appear attractive. While the handmade rugs company cannot offer the exact pricing, the idea is to bring stunning designs to enhance the contemporary décor. Mat The Basics provides an unmatched variety of methods, including traditional, Moroccan, and Vintage, in addition to the contemporary design collection and the specialty of Scandinavian interior design.

Private Label

Private Label brands are those manufactured by one company for sale by another company, following their branding. Mat The Basics offers and facilitates private label services. The E-commerce company can sell rugs under their brand name without going through the grind of setting up a production facility. This enables e-commerce companies to focus on marketing and selling and help establish their brand. A notable fact: ‘Private Label market share is one-fourth of the market share in the US and considerably higher in the e-commerce sector’.

Trade Program For E-commerce Rug Company
Product Photo Of Trade Program For E-commerce Rug Company

Product Photos

Another essential requirement for a product to be sold online is its proper representation. Our photographers and graphic designers team ensure that the e-commerce Rug company has high-quality product images ready to use and edit for presentation. The problem with rugs is that it is nearly impossible to take quality pictures due to the technical requirements of consistent lighting and a shooting space that allows the top angle to come smoothly. Also, coverage is an issue due to the technicalities of photography. Mat The Basics removes this hindrance by providing quality pictures on request.

Partner Login

Trade Program Partner Login allows direct access to the design repository, allowing the company to check the available designs and the product’s details. The pricing is also available at the partner login page of the Mat The Basics website, allowing for easy buying and shipping. It also helps in inventory management – one of the biggest tasks for any e-commerce company.

Trade Program For E-commerce Rug Company Partner Login

With the Trade Program For E-commerce Rug Company of Mat The Basics, an e-commerce company gains considerably. The program’s benefits are the availability of quality designs and pictures, trade pricing, private label, and partner login features For Trade Partner Program.

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