Interior Design Guide for Area Rugs

Interior Design Guide for Area Rugs

Area Rugs

Area rug style are pretty trendy these days that adds charm to your interior design area rugs. But these are often overlooked in the redesigning process. So, here we guide you on picking a residential carpet for your home décor & an interior Design Guide for Area Rugs.


Size is the most significant aspect of a floor rug. Think about it as a demarcate for every section of your home. Choose an indoor carpet that is at least a foot away from your wall. Also, check if all your large furniture pieces line the perimeter, interior design area rugs.

Color and Hue

When you are sourcing your floor rug, color is the prominent factor. Try to choose a decoration, Scandinavian interior design area rugs that match your other items’ colour in the room.


A high sheen fabric will provide you with a luxury feel and will brighten up your place. One aspect of floor rug that often goes overlooked is the sheen of the material.


A floor rug is a great way to create a buffer between disparate and complementary materials. Some of you would want to add wooden furniture but do not want it to clash with the wooden floors. In this case, you can try colors like grey to keep the different wood materials from fighting in colors.


The geometric patterns are a perfect way to make a statement when you are selecting a rug. They incorporate numerous colors and hues within your place by providing bold statement interior design area rugs.


When you plan to buy an area rug, try considering the rug’s pile (rug’s thickness in Latin). The low pile rugs are suitable for high-traffic areas of your place and can put up with wear and tear. At the same time, the high pile rug is easier to clean and for rooms without much traffic. Try plush, white, or high pile area rugs, interior design area rugs.

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