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Custom Color Rugs: A Complete Guide

Custom Color Rugs: A Complete Guide: There are 10 million different shades of colors at present. This figure is evidence of the assortments of style and combinations that can create within the color combinations. These colors can be matched together and can either deteriorate or unify the décor of a room. Therefore, the need for selecting the right custom color rug arises.
You must select the correct color of wall paint, furniture, home décor, painting, and finally, a custom color rug, which will be a narrative of your style. But how does one select a color that achieves the expressed effect? If kept in mind, there are a few techniques that can help with the decision-making process.

Understanding and Utilizing the Existing Color Palette

It is essential to acknowledge the colors present in your room thoroughly. The custom color rug is highly dependent on the existing décor of the room. Therefore, should take the color schemes of the curtain, the walls, the wallpaper, and even the floor into account. Once all these details are registered, one can research the complementary colors and the corresponding arrangements. The visual tones can either be contrasted or balanced with the other elements. Hence, the use of multicolored rugs within the custom color rugs is a great option. However, if the décor pieces are bold in color, it is best to have a neutral-colored or a monotone rug to balance the tones.

custom color rugs
custom color rug

The difference between day and night

The color of the rug and its brightness can also be affected by the natural lights. The color scheme differs vastly under sunlight and artificial lights. Thus, one needs to be aware of the phenomenon as well. To choose a custom color rug for a room that receives the most sunlight, one should avoid bold colors. Simple, subdued tones can work wonders in such areas. The reverse can opt for the rooms that receive lesser sunlight or are almost always lit with artificial lights.

Choosing the Right Custom Color Rugs

Once the area has been established, you can pick the color. The next step is to find a manufacturer who can produce the custom color rug of your choice. Due to their collaborations with rug businesses, producers generally have a wide array of colors and shades present to choose. There is a big chance that your required color is available. They might send you various samples of paint chips to finalize the custom color rug. However, there are times when the color you are looking for is rare within the industry. Therefore, it becomes demanding to find the perfect custom color rug. In such cases, you can easily customize the color of the carpet. You can either describe it as a mixture of colors or attach a fabric as a sample product.

color rug
rug color

Customizing the Color Rugs

Major manufacturers specialize in the customization of all aspects of the rug-making process. Custom rug color is one of them. Since the first process in rug-making is selecting material and then dyeing it into the requisite color, you must choose the thread first. Afterward, the color can be discussed and elucidated. Can then choose the pattern and custom rug designs along with the weaving pattern and the rug types.The resulting pattern is not dependent on the dyeing solution but also on the color of the yarn. Therefore, if you are looking for a dull or muted color, it is best to use a gray-colored string.

How are custom colors made?

Custom rug colors are made by mixing different chemical dyes to accomplish the particular color. These dyes are then mixed in with hot water as it gets absorbed quickly. The yarns of the damp fiber are then soaked within this color mixture for thirty minutes. The strings are dyed in small batches to ensure an even color distribution.

It should be noted that different fibers have different reactions to these chemicals. Some might even sustain an adverse effect due to the variance in the absorption rates and the porousness of other threads.

custom color made

Once the yarn is dyed completely, it is rinsed thoroughly to clean out any excess dye and to attain uniformity in the color. It is then left to dry, preferably in the sunlight, as it renders a vibrant nuance to the yarn.

rugs color

Sampling the Color

Once the yarn is dyed, you are obligated to a sample of the custom color rug. With the direction of this sample, you might get a clear idea of the color scheme. You can even test this small sample in the rooms to ensure that they achieve the desired effect in a suitable light. It is at this stage that you can alternate the custom rug color. If the color doesn’t match your predicament, it can be dyed again until it satisfies your requirements. If the custom color rug fulfills your desire, you can greenlight the production of the carpet. Since using only a small batch of yarn to make a sample would take longer to finish the dyeing process and then weave the threads into a rug.

The Right Manufacturer

In such a situation, you must visit a wholesale manufacturer who can clearly understand your needs. Not only should they have a fine assortment of shades, but they must be willing to curate other custom color rugs based on your immediate requirements. Fortunately, MAT The Basics is one of the significant options.

MAT has been an illustrious name in the textile and custom area rug-making industry for several decades now. Because of their alliance with multiple famed brands, they have garnered an absolute sense of all the designs and the ability to create completely customized rugs, including custom rug colors.

rugs manufacturer

All you need to do is to select the design, the weaving style, and the yarn. The choice of your color will produce an exquisite replica of the shade for you until the craved effect is not reached. Then, the rug can be woven. To ensure the client’s satisfaction, MAT uses high-quality dye and fiber. The dyeing process is checked meticulously, and the quality of the thread is analyzed. Only when all the results are positive can the rug-making process commence.

At present, MAT The Basics can weave a wide range of bespoke custom color rugs in almost all colors. Dwindling between multiple collections, MAT The Basic’s best-selling custom color rugs collection range anywhere from white, grey, beige, green, burgundy, yellow to newer colors like Pantone’s colors of the year Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Each color is available in all the tones ranging from a light faded to a dark bold color. At your request, any pattern from the inventory can be dyed in the custom rug color of your specific choice. All the variables except the color would remain the same.

Apart from customization services, private labels and trade programs are also offered to retail businesses and e-commerce companies. While skilled artisans produce quality rugs, their photography team curates and regularly upgrades their style sheets for their clients.

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