Tips for Furniture Shop Rugs and Carpets

How to Trade: Tips for Furniture Shop Rugs and Carpets

How to Trade: Tips for Furniture Shop Rugs and Carpets: Furniture shops serve their customers with all the home furnishing items such as carpets, pillows, curtains, besides other movables. Furniture controls a humungous market share estimating at 545 billion, with a steady growth rate of 5.4% annually. Trusted brands such as IKEA are making it even more effortless to invest in fixtures for your house online. However, nothing subsides the charm of shopping for furniture in a store.

Researches have shown that a majority of people buy more items while in a store, where they can look and feel a natural attraction. This is due to the large variety of product types that are available to them. Such decisions, usually unconscious, contribute to the economic growth of the retail shops. Therefore retail shops should increase their inventory to accommodate a variety of products, which would be beneficial to drive sales figures towards a higher figure.

Customers have specific needs when they are out to make big purchases. Since furniture and other furnishing items comprise a big investment, the demands are outlined clearly. The same goes for buying carpets and rugs. Some of the particulars that the buyers usually look for and which must be incorporated by the furniture shops are:

Tips for Furniture Shop Rugs and Carpets 

Complementary to the furniture:

The first precedence is given to the furniture. Once the furniture is selected, the consumers are more prone to seek out rugs or carpets which will complement it. The rug size becomes an important factor here. A consumer who has bought a tea table for four is generally looking for an appropriate rug size, say 8’ X 10’ to match the requirements. Only when they are assured about the fit of the carpet, would they move on to other determining factors of colors or designs.

Complementary to the Furniture Shop Rugs

Therefore, the outlets must populate their stores with rugs and carpets of different sizes for different needs, and the sizes and styles should match with the furniture items sold at the store. The assistant must act as an essential tool and guide the customers to the relevant furnishing products. The manufacturer should be selected on their ability to tinker with multiple dimensions.

Resilience is the X-Factor

Resilience is the X-Factor

The rug is an extension of the furniture, with each receiving variable foot traffic. Thus, they must be able to withstand the pressure of time. The materials used for making the yarn and the weaving techniques implemented are judged here. Every fabric has its limitation and can not be recommended.The best idea is to steer clear off of printed rugs as the colors are susceptible to fading. Leather seems like a good option.

However, if not maintained can develop scratches and marks that can tarnish the overall look. Hand-tufted carpets have a higher shedding rate, which can constitute a problem. The best choice then is to acquire a hand-knotted rug. These rugs, though a little expensive, have the highest durability factor. Each rug, though, has its pros and caters to different purposes and different audiences, which must be kept in mind for the store owner and assistants.

The hand-knotted rugs are made of individual knots at all intersections. The ratio of knots per square inch is steep. This makes up for a dense rug that can hold the pressure of a couch set or even a dining table without any problem. It should be noted that almost all the rugs are durable as long as they are under tight surveillance. It is only the hand-knotted carpets among them that require the least amount of supervision.

The Variety in Colors, Textures, and Patterns

Buyers are often attracted to the more vibrant and sharper color schemes. Therefore, it becomes imperative for furniture shops to invest in the recent trends. Some examples of patterns that customers consistently look out for are the ones with simpler monotones to engage in contemporary décor. Moroccan and Oriental patterns have been in trend for quite some time now. The upcoming designs are those involving geometry, like stripes and checks.

The Variety in Colors, Textures, and Patterns

A choice within the different textured elements of rugs and carpets can prove to be beneficial. A looped pile plush carpet is resistant to pressure and is dense. In contrast, Berber, though the softest, is prone to get dirty fast. Such carpets are best suited for bedrooms.

The printed carpets have the best color schemes as the dye is injected onto them. This renders the images printed on them a certain sharpness that is incomparable to rugs made of pre-dyed yarn. Though, one must be aware of the color model, the technological tools, and the color quality before placing an order for these carpets.

The wholesale distributor should be selected carefully. They must be able to provide all the required designs and patterns in almost all of the colors and sizes. The customer should have the option to go through several rugs and carpets and buy the one which satisfies their visualizations

The Bottom Line

With several decades’ worth of experience under their belt, MAT The Basics are a renowned name within the rug industry. Though printed rugs are available too, they have established their names through their expertise in all the hand-loomed and handwoven carpets. They conduct stringent quality checks during all stages of production, which ultimately results in a durable yet fascinating masterpiece. The quality of the acquired products and the finished products are always top-notch.

For retail sales and budding e-commerce startups, they have specialized trading accounts to invest in. Their pricing strategies are also the industry’s best and you get the best deal on wholesale purchase of the weaves. The service of private labeling is also provided to the partners so that they can incorporate more products within their brand identity and help evolve their brand loyalty.

Customizable rugs and carpets are the USPs of MAT. There are times when consumers come prepared with their research and demand for a particular product. These situations can be managed with the help of MAT. They allow you to make your rugs to your liking. The only decisions required from your end are the choices within the material, the color, the pattern, and the texture. Once all the specifications are thoroughly understood, MAT would manufacture them and deliver the products within a matter of weeks for your clients.

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