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Kids Room Rugs

We are elated to provide you with kid’s room rugs that come in considerable weave and playful designs. We understand the need to provide the best flooring to the kid’s area owing to the mess and accidents that can come unannounced in such rooms.

Rugs are a great décor to be added to kid’s room as they add both aesthetics and functionality. Surely, a soft surface is what most homeowners look for in kid’s room rugs but it is important to note many other factors other than just color and weave.

Are you wondering what can bring life to a kid's room? Well, it is the vibrant appearance that will inject the energy that you might be looking for. The whimsical design, playful motifs, and exciting colors will add a pop of exciting patterns that could create an exhilarating vibe and amplify the prevailing interest. One of the many entities that can help bring the aforesaid elements to your little one’s room is a carefully selected kids’ area rug. Kids’ room rugs will add to the already playful interior and make it a high end habitat to live in.

Best rugs for Kid’s room

Hardwoods when placed with an area rug for a kid’s room protect the tiny feet and also the floor. It helps prevent many accidents and is a saver for spills and falls. Wool and polyester are the materials that are usually used for crafting kid’s room rugs. However, with the right use of materials, weave, and skilled craftsmanship you can explore and settle down for a rug. Explore our rug collection and check out which stunning decors suits your precious space.

Our Kids Area Rugs

We have a unique and playful collection of kids' room rugs, transforming a standard room into a fascinating habitat. From solid colors to interesting patterns to floral motifs, our kid's area rugs are sure to adorn the sturdy concrete floors and introduce softness to your children's walkthrough.

Perfect Rugs For Kids Rooms

Perfect rugs for a kid's room are decorative, functional, and safe to sit, lounge, and play on. The pink, multi Jigsaw Pink rug dominates if the decorative aspect is your priority. Also, it is made using 100% wool, which makes it functional and safe for kids' activities. Other prominent selections include the Bermuda Grey and Bermuda Ivory for their interesting web-pattern motifs that run across the rug. The stems are a combination of multiple colors that brings up sheer interest and joy when you look at them.

Choosing The Style, Size, Shape, And Color

You can choose the style, shape, and color, among other aspects that intersect with your child's likeness and interest. In a room that looks plain and simple with neutral colors, you can choose to introduce a rug with colorful patterns, playful design, and motifs. And if the room already houses enough decorative elements and has a splash of color, you may select a rug that imparts balance to the sensory overload of colors.

  1. Style –It is unlikely that a kid asks for a traditional, vintage décor. Hence, it is vital to be aware of a child's likeness in terms of style. A child would probably love to see glimpses of the modern, contemporary world. Hence, the geometric pattern and modern rugs can be the way to go. Also,
  2. Size –While the size of a kid's room rug will depend on how small or big the room is, an area rug typically measuring 5 x 8 is a standard, and most sold rugs for a kid's room or other rooms in general.
  3. Shape –Shapes are fascinating aspects, not just for the rug but also for other entities in a kid's room. While standard-shaped kid's room rugs are adorable, the interest becomes manifold with shaped rugs. You can easily avail an irregular or well-thought-of shape through our customization service.
  4. Color – You know the importance of color in a kid's room. Hence, you carefully choose the color of the walls and furnishings that makes up the interiors of your kid's room. Choose the rug color that can seamlessly blend with the rest of the décor in a kid's room. You can also decorate your kids’ room with floral rugs with blooming colors to add a soothing feminine touch.


  • What patterns can be used in making kid’s room rugs?

From abstract rugs pattern, chevron rugs pattern, and geometrics rugs pattern, to patchwork rugs pattern, traditional rugs pattern, floral rugs pattern, medallion rugs pattern, and striped rugs pattern can be used for kid’s room rugs. You can choose beautiful and captivating patterns that can be custom-made for your precious space.

  • For kid’s room rugs which style of rugs are available?

For kid’s room rug styling can be imparted and chosen ranging from contemporary rugs style , cowhide rugs style, luxury rugs style, shaggy rugs style, traditional rugs style, vintage rugs style, texture rugs style, Scandinavian rugs style, mid-century rugs style, and farmhouse rugs style.

  • What colors are available for kid’s room rugs?

White rugs, beige rugs, neutral rugs, yellow rugs, gold rugs, blue rugs, pink rugs, red rugs, green rugs, gray rugs, black rugs, and multi  color rugs are some of the standard color options that we incorporate for our kid’s room rugs. You can choose from this variety or let us know your tone and shade for kid’s room rugs and we will help you craft one.

  • What rug sizes can be available for kid’s room rugs?

From small rugs, round rugs, runner rugs, and square rugs to sizes like 4’x6’ rugs, 5’x8’ rugs, 6’x9’ rugs, 8’x10’ rugs, and 9’x12’ rugs we offer our kid’s room rugs for your suitable space. Like a large rug may not be suitable for a small space, and vice-versa we understand the need and provide sizes for your kid’s room rug accordingly.

  • Which weaving technique rugs available for kid’s room?

Flat-weave rugs, knotted rugs, leather rugs, shaggy rugs, handloom rugs, and tufted rugs are some of the stunning techniques we craft our kid’s room rugs in. We ensure that only the right technique is imparted for your stunning rugs in your sumptuous décor.

  • What materials of rug available for kid’s room?

For our kid’s room rugs, we ensure that materials are taken in balanced proportion either to blend them and give in a new quality or ensure that they yield out a framed durability. We make and provide wool rugs, polyester rugs, viscose rugs, bamboo rugs, hemp rugs, leather rugs, and linen rugs to achieve an unmatched quality.

  • Is Customization possible in kid’s room rugs?

We are elated to offer custom rugs service for rugs that help you achieve stunning decor . We hear your ideas, and thoughts and weave a rug that matches your aspirations and needs.

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