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Numerous reasons make a wool rug your best friend. These rugs have been around since ancient times and are one of the most preferred home décor selections. If you are in a fix, this is going to help.

Wool is natural

The sheep produce this natural fiber. Sheep has got wool like we have got hair. It doesn't get more natural than this. The shearers use shearing tools once a year to remove the wool from the sheep. It does not hurt at all, and it lifts the excess weight off the sheep, making them all light and happy. That is one reason to go for a wool rug. Right?

Wool rugs are durable.

Wool rugs are heirloom pieces if only you know where to get one from. Wool rugs go back to ancient times. High-quality wool rugs have stood the test of time, even in damp environments. The reason- wool contains a natural protective barrier that hampers the water from penetrating the fibers. Your wool rug can absorb 1/3rd of its weight in moisture and still feel comfortable and dry.

Wool rugs are hypoallergenic.

This feature makes your wool rug the safest carpeting option for a baby nursery. Your baby can crawl, and you can be stress-free. People who suffer from allergies have this fear of inducing allergy triggers in the form of rugs. Choosing a wool rug relieves you from such worries.


There is more. Your wool rug is naturally soft, fire-resistant, naturally liquid-resistant, dirt-resistant, warm, and of course- stunningly beautiful.

Wool rug shedding: Is it normal?


If you are worried about shedding, know that shedding is normal. Shedding is not an inevitable sign of poor quality. Even if you invest in the best quality rug, some shedding is part of the long wool rug journey, and it should not be a reason to be disappointed with your wool rug purchase.


Shedding, however, does not last forever. You might find the shedding dramatic at first when you purchase the rug, but it should decline or stop in some months. It takes a few months for the wool rug to settle down, and you will eventually get rid of shedding.

How to remove stains from your wool rug?


  • If you get an ink stain on a wool rug, mix a teaspoon of your dishwashing liquid with the water, and dab a towel in this mixture. Blot the stain using the same towel, and you are good to go.
  • You can use the same mix for grease stains, but scrape off any food solids first.
  • If you have a pet mess on the wool rug, blot at it to remove excess liquid. You can then mix white vinegar, dish soap, and water and use the mixture to blot away the stain.
  • For marker stains, use your carpet cleaner. Dish soap and water solution is pretty much a solution to most stains and spills.

Wool Rug- A versatile choice

You can find a wool rug in any preferred style. Available in a high pile and low pile designs, your wool rug is guaranteed to introduce the plushness you desire. Find the patterns that will fetch you compliments or get colors that brighten the entire room. There is a wool rug for everyone. From patterned to solid colored wool rugs, from vintage to modern, and from geometric to organic.


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