Our History

The Ansari’s – A Heritage of Craftsmanship and Design Innovation
MA Trading's ManufacturingMA Trading Company (MAT) is a 70 year old business that operates worldwide and is synonymous with innovative design, modern ambiance, the latest trends and lifestyle products.

In 1942, a few years before India gained independence from Britain, Mohammed Ayub Ansari, the family patriarch and a man of vision and commitment, entered the business of manufacturing and exporting handmade carpets. Being born into a weaving family and worked as a weaver himself, Mohammed had a strong faith for ethical business practice and treating people with respect and dignity whether it is a customer or worker in the factory. In 1966, his son, Naimullah Ansari, founded the M.A. Trading Company, named after his father. Naimullah Ansari took the initiative of finding new markets, and was also the main figure behind the design team. He introduced Scandinavian style hand woven woolen druggets/durries, and made the MAT a well known name in the marketplace.

The MAT Tradition Continues with the Third Generation Ansari’s…

The Ansaris continue the tradition of the family business, MA Trading

The family’s commitment to conducting business with the utmost integrity combined with their knowledge and love of hand woven rugs has enabled the Ansari’s to become one of the most trusted rug manufacturers in India.

MAT is now run by professionals under the leadership of the third generation, Shakeel Ansari as CEO and Rashid Ansari as COO. Now MAT specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling a wide variety of innovative designer rugs. Recent years saw MAT grow into a well known supplier of various brands and labels in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA.

The mother company, M.A. Trading Company, now operates weaving mills in Bhadohi, India, employing over 3,000 rug weavers and craftsmen. In 2006, the subsidiary company, M.A. Trading, Inc. established its presence in the US with sales and distribution facilities in Redondo Beach, CA and permanent showrooms across the states.

The Ansari brothers, together with an eminent team of master weavers, creative designers, colorists, and a powerhouse of sales professionals, are taking the family business forward to many new and exciting areas in the global marketplace.

Our Vision

At MAT, we’re building on our heritage of creating beautiful flooring and home furnishing products as we aspire to be a design leader, number one global supplier and to join forces with like-minded companies, designers and consumers and to make a difference in the lives of the people who are involved in creating these beautiful products – the weavers and craftsmen who are the true artists who should be valued for their creative and hard work.

Commitment to the Environment / Eco-Friendly

At MA Trading, all items are hand-made with careWe take our environmental responsibility extremely seriously. We work actively to maintain our 14001-certification. We comply with current legislation and waste disposal regulations and recycling measures. We always choose suppliers who aim to safeguard the environment and we work mainly with natural fibers such as wool, which is renewable. Since much of our production is carried out by hand, the process has minimal impact on the environment. We create new and innovative design and products where we can re-use most of the waste material from production.

Commitment to Design

For us great design means innovation and passion. To that end we have in-house team of designers from India Europe and US who work to stay ahead in the fashion, color and interior design trends and who understand how to work with different fibers. They spin this knowledge into prototype development in our Bhadohi India weaving facility where we weave MAT rugs using globally-sourced natural fibers and some man-made fibers, as well.

Commitment to Quality

MAT is ISO 9000 certified company. We assure the quality of MAT rugs at every step in the rug production chain which begins with the selection of the finest fibers sourced from trusted global partners. All MAT rugs are woven with the highest quality fibers including New Zealand wool, fine Indian wool, European wool, silk, hemp, cotton, linen ,leather, and other man-made fibers. The dyeing process of these fibers are closely supervised, using approved dyes from eco-friendly and legislation-compliant suppliers. MAT Rugs are made by true master weavers and craftsmen, using both traditional and innovative weaving methods. A combination of MAT’s “best management practices”, and regular inspections help ensure that all MAT rugs meet quality assurance standards for aesthetics, design integrity, durability, and performance.

Commitment to Our Customers

MAT is committed to providing the global market with original, high quality area rugs. Our sales and distribution offices in Redondo Beach, California are fully staffed with a talented team of sales, customer service and marketing specialists all eager to perform the tasks at hand in delivering MAT products in a timely, consistent and efficient manner.

Commitment to Our Workers

We continue our efforts to promote the social and economic health of the people involved in the rug manufacturing process. The Ansari family work actively to improve the weavers’ standard of living and to reinforce women’s right to work, not only in production but at all levels in the company. As of 2008, we are certified in accordance with the SA8000 social accountability system. We are committed to provide our workers with the best possible working environment. “The weavers are the true artists and they are entitled to be respected for their creative and hard work” said MAT CEO Shakeel Ansari who is actively involved in assuring them the right value for their work and working toward increase in their living standard .
All MAT Rugs carry the “Care and Fair’ label, ensuring all our rugs are independently certified as child-labor-free rugs. The fees MAT pay to be a part of Care and Fair and its certification program, ensure that random, surprise inspections can take place on our weaving centre and also assist in the rehabilitation and education for former child weavers.

MA Trading Company (MAT) is a 68 year old business that operates worldwide and is synonymous with innovative design, modern ambiance, the latest trends and lifestyle products.

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